VIDEO + AUDIO: JR Nartey "Holiday" @JRNartey

VIDEO + AUDIO: JR Nartey "Holiday" @JRNartey

Born September 29 in Lagos Nigeria , David Nartey Also known as JR NARTEY ,his love for music and the arts began at a very young age. By studying the skills of te greatest MC’s, he created a pattern of flows so uniquely distinct that they can never be replicated. JR draws his inspiration from his surrounding and also from diverse collection of genres.

In 2005 JR and his childhood friend, “Fero Raphs” teamed up with “Prowiz” which saw the birth of the group N-dis. The group won quite a large number of talent shoes in and around Lagos performing alongside Stars like; JesseJags, 2shot, Airis, Teeto, Vector, Mocheedah to mention a few. As they did, they began building their fan base.

JR, following his achievement with the group N-dis, took the decision to plunge his talents in a solo career and has since recorded over 15 songs which includes the official remix of “Rap Rules Anthem”by the late rapper, Da Grin which got him recognition. This Lekki grown rapper is currently working on his mix-tape “JR is the Future” and has singles like “Higher” produced by Reagan and Co., produced by Sarz Holiday.
For the rapper JR, the future holds no limits, he is already a role model to the next generation. He has goals to reach beyond Nigeria, Africa and more making the name JR a brand to reckon with and a household name. “JR is the Future” listen up to this joint, its fresh sound and we are truly impressed.

VIDEO + AUDIO: JR Nartey "Holiday" @JRNartey