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As people go through their old stuff,they observe that certain things about them have changed. They notice that they gain taste for totally new things. The question here is, does the new transition alter who they really are? How does it present them to the outer  world? In life, people make certain transitions that might totally defer them from who they really are. The way they dress, speak and their actions speak a lot about who they really are… Let us journey into “THE LIFE OF A CELEBRITY AND PEER PRESSURE”

At times, I sit back to wonder if celebrities come across peer pressure? It’s funny though to think about such an issue. One may ask, a celebrity is someone who has all there is to have  in terms of wealth, fame, power and lacks nothing so where from the pressure? Well, the fans. Yes the fans come in to answer this much controversial question. How? Well, these people whom we uphold as role models and mentors, deliver what the fans actually ask for. No one can ever be pleased with something that  is against what he desires. That is how the fans come in to answer the question on board.  Going more in depth, celebrities always try to please their  fans, in order to gain their spot on top and also posses a larger fan base.

Sincerely, let us face the facts. Some or most celebrities go to the extreme all in the name of pleasing their fans. The crowd! My performance! My appearance! Would the fans accept it and be at ease with it? These questions mostly pace  through the minds of celebrities, mainly musicians and go by far to break bounds. Some might end up going in for drugs, which they call stimulants or do other stuff just to appease fans. What would be the fate of these celebrities when such an act continues to run through their  everyday life?


Indeed, as fans also, we have a part to play in terms of peer pressure and  the celebrity. For once, let us understand that celebrities are just normal people like us and deserve some privacy  freedom to  go according to their will. The only difference is,they have a raised social status. Lets us rather think of how we can be of inspiration to our celebrities and  cheer them on to success rather than steering them to doom.
I believe a clear picture has been painted. I know the doubters will take a totally different stand on this but consider this…If not for peer pressure, why would an artiste withdraw a video that he spent money to make and remake it all in the name of pleasing fans and gaining a top spot? I leave the doubting Thomas to continue doubting…

Quote Of The Day…

Life is like a rapper and a beat. NO matter the tempo,you have to keep your composure and flow according to the beat. Life is not a bed of roses. Hard times may come but not for long. They just come to make us stronger, Strive for greatness. Be Inspired…



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