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Opinions: My Take On VGMA :- Cecil Tamakloe #VGMAissues

Loud Sound GH has given Industry players, music enthusiasts and the general public to share their views and opinions about the Ghana Music Awards and this is from Mr Cecil Tamakloe. You can also send us your opinions for publishing via info@loudsoundgh.com

If you check my credentials you will realise that I have played my part as an artiste, artiste manager and a strong advocate for good talent and music, I believe so much in real talent as a means of elevating not just oneself but also where he or she comes from…

I also believe where there is real talent we as a people or organisations known for projecting such talent must take it upon ourselves to do all we can and must to make sure the world sees and appreciates such good talents.

We owe it as a duty to not project that which can not be celebrated timelessly at the expense of fear or favour, we owe our nation the duty of making sure the people we put out there to be celebrated are people who’s recognition will bring great honour to our motherland.

A careful look at how Ghana as a whole projects talents will tell you that we have for so long a time raised, pampered and celebrated local champions who can not and have not been able to take us to the world. Day in day out we force seasonal talent on the people to take and appreciate and it’s just like taking the most perishable food from a kitchen full of imperishable foods…

And we give out those perishable food to the people who will have to live on that food for many days of which such food can not stand without going bad all because it’s cheap for us to get yet we sell it as the most expensive commodity.

More like taking the worst athlete out of many good ones and say he’s the best when we know well he can’t do anything to win a medal in a competition outside our land. The question that we have all refused to ask and demand answer for is why do our celebrated artiste remain unknown at the international front?

Why don’t they get international features? Why is it hard to find their names on the list of international nominees? Why don’t they get to be on the bill for world shows and why do we always have to gather too many heads to travel far just to negotiate for a single artiste to be given a common invite?


Why do we keep seeing the same face representing us as if he’s the only talent when we clearly know we get disappointed whenever he gets there, why can’t we get a lot of foreign arts craving to come down here to perform, tour and all that bur we have to go and pay them a whole community development money just for a 5 minutes show?

See, I can go on and on with the questions but it all boils down to the level of untruth in our industry and that’s the sad truth that many so called big names will be waiting to pounce on anyone who talks about it for.

We are refusing to market the priceless chunk of talent that’s waiting to take Ghana to the world in the way it deserves to be seen, in a way that will attract tourists, investors and media houses to come and see the great things being talked about and emulated through their music.

Every start of the year I get filled with hope of a great change in the way we elevate and appreciate our talent but whenever they begin to roll out those they claim are worthy of it my heart bleeds in pain because it seems to get worse by the year…

What we celebrate, who we celebrate and how we celebrate them is not a thing worth inviting the international eye to fall on. It’s another year meant to honour talents and hard work and I see the deserving ones being treated like spectators. We keep saying we look forward to a better awards scheme but now I’m forced to wonder if there’s anything as such to look forward too.

It’s another VGMA and I’m sad to say I will be watching another TV programme on the very day it’s being telecast just so I don’t go to sleep heart-broken. Looks to me like the genuine efforts of some of us to project Ghana music will continue to swim in the mud.

Cecil Tamakloe known in showbiz as CT has worked with a couple of artistes and introduced rhe likes of Mz Porsche, 1 CeDi, Kueiqu Knicklez and a few others into the music seen in a more vibrant manner, organised a few cyphers to give the upcoming exposure of which includes the LMG BLOODY 16 CYPHER that featured names like EMPERAW, YUNG PABI,1 CEDI, EYIRAP, SOLACE and a few others, has granted interviews both on radio and TV on the themes of making a better future for Ghana music and artistry as a whole. He released his first hit song titled ON MY GRIND in 2011 which got both local and international recognition to the extent that it was featured on many platforms including 4SYTE’s first ever HIPHOP documentary. CT indeed has an in depth knowledge of music and has played a vital role in pushing for Ghanaian music to earn respect in and out of Ghana. You can find him on IG and Twitter on the handle @CT_GH amd on FB as Sir-cil Tsatsu Tamakloe and his fanpage C.T


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