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Breaking Down The “Beef” Between Shankoma and Koo Ntakra

There is a saying in the Ghanaian Twi language which goes like “If someone helps you, then the person has worried you a lot“… This seem to be the scenario in Shankoma and Koo Ntakra’s case… But looking at the other side, everyone needs a helping hand to be able to climb up the ladder and it does not become a burden or worry depending on how that help is appreciated. Let me start this by telling you a bit more about Shankoma… Shankoma was one of the names that cant be missing in the list of “Promising” artists back then. He started off with artists like Sarkodie, Kwaw Kese, Pope Skinny, Castro etc… He released an album back then which had almost all your favourite artists on it. The hit song which featured Kwaw Kese is titled “School Boy”… And he was also on Sarkodie’s first album on a track titled “vision 20/20″… But fame is always not permanent; situations and the artist can bring that fame back or get it buried permanently or temporally.

Before The “Beef”

Shankoma started a movement he called POWASE music group, which was to bring all the Akuapem artists together to be able to speak to Ghanaians as a unified voice and to display their exceptional talent in so doing. Shankoma decided to do this rather than trying to awaken his fame because, he thought working together will open bigger doors than working alone. That brings this quote in mind “If you want to fast, go alone… But if you want to go far, go together“… Koo Ntakra has described Shankoma as an idol and a godfather on countless occasions. Probably, this song below will tell you the rest of the story…

The Start Of The “Beef”

Not too long ago, Shankoma took of social media to publicly express his displeasure about the MTN Hit-Maker season 2champion; Koo Ntakra and called him an ungrateful person. Loud Sound Ghana reported this since we knew these 2 people have been very close for a very long time. This drew our attention because even at that time, Koo Ntkra constantly gave shouts to Shankoma on most radio interviews… So we decided to investigate and know what is going on and to clear any perception the public may draw after reading Shankoma’s status. According to Shankoma, he has been the back bone for Koo Ntakra throughout the Hit Maker journey; and some of the support are Studio recordings, transportation from one point to the other, Radio Interviews and temporal accommodation in a suburb of Accra since Koo  Ntakra was not based in Accra at the time he was competing for the Hit Maker championship.


We contacted Koo Ntakra to know more about this and the real truth behind it, but his management simply told us they dont want to talk about the issue. They also said Koo Ntakra is busy with his career and got no time for those tiny quarrels. Since then, Loud Sound Ghana decided to put the issue away and hope they solve this on personal terms. Then after some months, Koo Ntakra released a single titled “Attention” which was obviously a song directed at Shankoma (Even though Koo Ntakra Denied). Hearing lyrics like “Wode me k)huu bulldog,wogye me pie 2 malt,paddy yi onni baabi da,na damfo h) na opeachi” are not lyrics one can describe as an “Appreciation” lyrics to fans… But we were surprised Koo Ntakra had to wait all these months after saying he got no interest in the issue only to reply in a song.

Moment Of Truth & Denial

The only way to know the truth of the whole issue is to get Koo Ntakra and Shankoma on an interview. Valerie Danso of GBC24 made that happen and she was successful in getting both artists on her “Showbiz” show which is aired live on TV. Valerie however could not get both on the show at a go because according to my sources inside the GBC24 studios, they did not agree to sit face to face and thrash issues out. Valerie had no option than to interview them one after the other. When Koo Ntakra was asked about the “Attention” song, he said it was an appreciation song to all his fans for their support since day one. I guess that should be an insult to everyone since its clear that song was a diss song. Listen to the song here

The most shocking part was when Shankoma had his turn… Shankoma denied he said Koo Ntakra is ungrateful. Thank God we snapped the status update before it was released. That would have destroyed our credibility as a trusted source of music news and gossips. But to think about this whole thing, since they are both denying this in public, it means there is a possibility that this can be settled on a more calm and matured manner.

My Take On This

All I have to say is, you dont have to start something you cannot end. If Shankoma is really angry at Koo Ntakra, why did he delete the post and started drawing back from the whole issue? He should have just said it as it is afterall, this is a young boy who is looking or looked up to you. And to Koo Ntakra and his team, I think you should call a spade a spade. If you want to clear the air about something, do that boldly and dont hide behind what you are supposed to do. If Koo Ntakra and Shankoma should act this way, then there are more hidden things they are all scared will show up. From today, Loud Sound Ghana wont talk about any beef between them. Lets make music and stop the war… A few diss songs from both sides wont be bad though. LOL… Peace and Im Out!!! Your comments are welcome…


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