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A reply to your letter to DJ Slim of YFM Kumasi

After my friendly letter to Radio presenter/DJ; Dj Slim, a young man known as Owura Safo decided to reply to the letter.

I read the letter (Since it was addressed to me) and realized most of the things contradicts with what I wrote. But, this is how he understood what I wrote and below is his reply… (Read My Letter here)

He wrote and I quote….

Dear Mister Aborga, 

Errm, you dey kai me? I’m not talking about being your friend on facebook but about the credit I won sometimes back when you were doing the “Identify the track in the background” challenge. I miss that moment alot. Sake of that thing, I had to favourite you so that I be the first person to get notification(s) to every post you make, so that I can be fast and win credit always but it’s quiet unfortunate that you’ve stopped. Hope you remember the way I thanked you? Had it not been you, I would have been in prison by now because the way I was owing them, chaii, only God knows. For that reason, I appreciate and will always appreciate you soo much. May the God I serve, richly BLESS you.

But charle, I also want to also start by bigging you up for the love and support you give to the up and coming artists. No one does it better like you do. The way you hype them on all your platforms, Aborga, you do all. For this reason I give you “your” that title,”King of Bloggers” (you kai that too?). Keep on keeping on. I know one day your name will be mentioned in the industry as one of the best and also one of those bloggers that supported most up and coming artistes. And also I know one day you will “tear” the fruit of your works based on that, even though you eat from them small small (don’t mind me, the lighter is fooling me).

Let me go straight like my erected ***** unless yours is like “boo lɛgɛ” (in a pure Ashanti person’s voice). There are few things I would like to tackle. 

First and foremost, I didn’t really get your statement about you saying Dj Slim, in your opinion needs social media hype. Like seriously? (Don’t respond like daaaa). If yes, then I think you must wake up. His kind of work does not necessarily require him any social media hype. And you talking about “LIKES” and “RETWEETS” to a Dj makes my mind “kyiikyii” small.

In fact, you are the person that really needs the “LIKES” and “RETWEETS” because your work/job is all or mostly social media base and it requires people to follow you, like and retweet(share) links etc to get to the audience and remember the more people do that, the more you earn too, which I know you’re doing that perfectly by interacting with your followers including me because I follow you people (in case you don’t know). But Dj Slim is Slim on radio, clubs, shows etc and that’s where he gets his likes and retweet. And also about the likes and retweets to a Dj, how many mainstream DJS (Black, Kese, Andy Dosty, Caxtro, Reuben, Mensah, MicSmith, etc) in Ghana get those likes and Retweets? They get theirs on their show and people follow them like we, your followers do that on social media. And even for yourself, how much likes and retweets you catch? I don’t even think you’ve hit 1K post on any social media platform (I stand to be corrected), and if that’s true, how then do you expect a Dj to hit that (even tho some clocks that). Or you are trying to compare Medikal’s likes and retweets to Slim’s? Ah well! “Ɛno nso so wɔ hɔ”.

Mister Aborga, I know you really understand English and your lexicons too are on point  but do you know that, a word can have more than 1 meaning depending on the context it was used? If yes, then you shouldn’t have said “sell out” means betrayal besides, you weren’t the one who used that word. What if Medikal himself meant a different thing? And oh, if the “sell out” meant betrayal actually, which according to www.dictionary.com/browse/betrayal means to deliver or expose someone to an enemy by treachery or disloyalty, then I think according to Medikal and my definition, he sees Strongman as an enemy from your context, in my opinion, and thus Dj Slim has exposed him, Strongman to Medikal on his show.

Ahaaa… wait oo, when you ask someone a question and he says “NOT REALLY”, which in my dictionary means “No without being very definite”, do you continue by saying “Then you sell out”? Okay fine, hope you said it means betrayal right? What if DJ slim had his own definition for sell out? What if he saw that as an insult? But I side with you about DJ Slim not giving any impression about that he wasn’t happy about what he said but Medikal is just young to tell DJ Slim that he’s a sell out. Like you said, Slim could have simply apologised and demand an apology instantly, but what I don’t get you is, did Medikal tell you all that or is based on your opinion? What if you or Medikal is wrong? And also have you listened to the other party’s side? If no, then I’m sorry to say you didn’t act professionally like I’ve known you. The Slim I know too is one of the coolest and ‘shishaa’est guy you can deal unless you step on the wrong toe.

But Mister Aborga, about what you said Slim did… getting Medikal on the show and putting him on the spot to apologise publicly for something he did private is not professional too, which I’m not really sure about that. What I know is, DJ slim after playing Medikal’s “archipalago” played a phone call he had with Medikal where he said “if you like don’t play my song. Forget everybody. Poof poof, swag swag” and hanged up the call. But you know one thing, you should have confirmed from the DJ before making such allegation, in case you didn’t.

And about that statement you made that, he’s actually calling on artistes to give the concepts to record a Diss song to MDK on his behalf and thus it’s very selfish of him no, I don’t get. How is that selfishness? And since when did that become selfish? I remember you made a post about producers who performs abysmally when it comes to mixing and mastering a song and you furthered advised them to feel free to approach those who do it better, and it is not a shame. What if Slim realised he can’t do it better so he’s given it to someone who can do better than him? And he did it well too.

Well, for me, I’ve listened to the part of Medikal’s, by your help as either his PRO or PUBLICIST, lol. I’m yet to listen fully to DJ Slim’s part of the story only if he replies your article and my message on twitter too and I will also reply him when there’s a need like I did. No hating boss. I still dey follow you. Don’t let my this “forken” article distance us. To me, I think when trying to address issues like this, you have to listen to both sides before writing up because thousands of people follow you and in your write up, it’s centered to only one part which to me isn’t fine.

Ahaaa… wait! Wait!! Please abeg. Something small. Did I hear you say DJ Slim is craving for attention? Aaah Aborga paa. Like how? A whole Ciroc ambassador and a multi awarding winning DJ? Aden a, tapping fame from young artist. For real? Eeei… Aborga this one deɛ, I think when you were writing this, was no where near you or you took the wrong lighter?

Drawing the curtains down, I think Medikal should rather apologise even if Slim was the one at fault. It doesn’t mean he’s a fool. It’s shows how matured he is. If not both of them should make their own moves separately but in our African culture, no matter what bad an elder does to a young one, the young one has to apologise. It’s not Bullshit. It’s our culture and you can’t compare that to European’s culture and you ant also tell us to change that too.

Please don’t reply this in God’s name. I beg. I can’t reply. You have no idea how I’ve suffered before writing all this. In fact I respect you for that because they way you try and write articles err, masa, you do all. I know I’m not good at English like you do. I’m trying to learn from you small small like Okyeame Kwame. I know I’ll get there one day. But keep on with you good works. 

Thank you for reading my article. I’m sorry if I offended or was harsh with certain words. To err is human and to forgive is divine. Thank you once again. 

Yours Lil Bro, 

Owura Safo (aka Ghana Florida Mayor)


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