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Ngorli (NGO)

Ngorli NGO

The word “Ngorli” (N-goalie) means there is “Future or Hope”.
The Ngorli Organization is a 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit that is registered in North Carolina as well as Ghana, Africa. Ngorli is comprised of a dynamic group of individuals of different backgrounds, age groups, and educational backgrounds with a common goal to uplift, inspire, and provide to deprived children across the globe.

Ngorli’s mission is to provide the means and access to quality education for Children of underprivileged communities in the world. We are committed to cultivating the optimum academic potential of each child regardless of their constraints.

Ngorli’s vision is to one day realize a world in which children from developing or deprived parts of our world have equal access to quality education in this era of global competitiveness. The organization envisions a world in which children from these underprivileged parts of our society would receive quality education in a constructive environment and well-resourced educational facilities. This would give them the opportunity to access the wide horizon of possibilities the world has to offer.
Ngorli also seeks to identify and provide a comprehensive range of opportunities with the help of stakeholders at all levels of education. Our priority is to ensure that generation upon generation of our future leaders are not singularly or collectively left out on this fundamental human right; whether it be a result of, gender inequality, geographical location, policy, financial, human resource or any other limitations.

Areas of Focus
Though our mission is to promote and provide education to deprived children all over the world, our funds and resources are fairly limited so we are focusing on North Carolina, USA and Ghana, Africa for now.

You can donate safely via PayPal, checks and money orders are also accepted, made payable to Ngorli.
Perhaps your geographical location may not make it possible for you to become a part of our core team. Nevertheless, technological advancement has made it possible for you to generously volunteer your support through the email system. Thus, you can constantly keep in touch by supplying workable ideas as well as other forms of financial and material support.


Address and Phone number
Ngorli Organization
2449 O’Hara Drive
Raeford NC 28376. Tel 1 (910) 568 7507
Ngorli Organization
GhanaAirways Road
Kissehman(Off Ach-Legon)
Accra -Ghana.
Ngorli Organization
GhanaAirways Road
Kissehman(Off Ach-Legon)
Accra -Ghana.

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