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Read This: Motivation Or Moral Degradation

Motivation Or Moral Degradation

Sometimes i wonder if our musicians are providing us with motivation or making us suffer moral degradation. Minds might be wondering how and why this particular issue comes on board. As music lovers, have we ever sat down to think about the lyrical content of the songs most musicians come up with?  Another question comes on board,is our music industry centered around  girls, money, alcohol, drugs and other other things that can be morally degrading to some extent??

According to the little research conducted,in the peoples eye,they see these musicians to be their voices and their role models who have the duty to motivate,inspire and address certain issues pertinent to them. What do we see  now,total neglect of the peoples interest for commerciality. Commerciality has taken the place of the duty call that these musicians are supposed to serve. Instead of being there for the people,they are thinking of making money and how to get to the roots of the people for them to hail them. 
Dear musicians,the best way to get to the roots of the people is not by singing about girls, s*x, drugs and getting girls to shake their so called “bo*ty” in your videos,the people are fed up for Gods sake! Instead of being a source of motivation, our musicians have become a problem to society in a certain way,morally degrading the people, especially our young ones, inciting certain unhealthy instincts into them.I won’t be surprised if one day we wake up and find our young girls walking naked on the streets and also see people doing certain discreet stuff in the open all in the name of influence of music and their lyrical content.  Musicians must understand that music has a strong voice and can easily have impact on the listener based on the content it carries.
I wonder what will happen if the people decide to stop supporting the musicians. Who will buy their songs, the shows, who will pay huge sums of money just to see them perform? Our cherished musicians should understand for once that their musical career is like a building being supported by pillars and if the pillars give way, the whole building will come crushing down. Just as in the illustration,the people are the pillars holding the daily routines of a musical career and if they refuse to give support,the musical career will come crushing down. If these musicians do not build strong foundations with the people, but rather feed them with immorality, then they must know that they are on a weak foundation that can give up at any given time.

Instead of going commercial, dear musicians, please think of how to better our lives and in return, we promise to support you but if you fail, well the consequences is at hand. If musicians value their career,they must value the people as well.


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