Its Getting Hot: Samini Is The Biggest Fake – Iwan

Its Getting Hot: Samini Is The Biggest Fake - Iwan

I guess the Ghanaian music industry is heating up and artistes are finally pouring their hearts out and saying what they really feel about each other.

Samini released PINK SHEET yesterday and there were some pretty strong statements in that song about artistes being fake, and they will fade away soon. Most of the lyrics in Samini’s song was suspected to be directed to his new arising competitor; Bandana a.k.a Shatta Wale…

I guess another Dancehall/Reggae artist did not take the “fake” part lightly! Iwan a.k.a. The lyrical gunshot updated his facebook status this morning telling Samini how fake he is and also telling him he is a “Biggest Fake”

He wrote and I quote “Heard a track from Samini that says all Fakers shall fade away.. lol

The Biggest FAKER in The Ghana Reggae/Dancehall Industry is Samini .. Every Real Dancehall Fan in GH Knows That .. The Biggest FAKER shall fade Away before all little fakers Follow .. As for REAL Artiste, We Leave it for the FANs to Recognise .. If Samini Wants, he should Confront Me, and I will Give Him Only three(3) out of a thousand(1000) Reasons, Why i Declare Him The Biggest FAKER .”

I guess its about time we know what is really happening in the Ghanaian music scene. We are watching Iwan closely and will sure let ya’ll know when he states his reasons for saying Samini is fake! Watch this space for more…

Its Getting Hot: Samini Is The Biggest Fake - Iwan