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Reggie n Bollie Share Their Struggle and Success Story With Delay

Delay hosts world famous duo Reggie n Bollie on the Delay Show. They shared their difficult times and success story.

Reggie and Bollie originally from Ghana has become one of the most celebrated artistes in the world today. Many got to know them after they became successful but only few know how it all began for them, their quest for a better life abroad, the challenges along the way and how life is good for them now.

Reggie said he traveled to Italy and got married there but things were tough because he had to learn the Italian language to be able to work there. His wife then suggested that, it’s better they move to the United Kingdom so that, it’s more easy for him to merge in.

Through the years, he lived just like any other person despite his status back in Ghana as a celebrated artiste. He revealed that, he kept having dreams that his friends he started music with keep coming to the UK for shows and he’s always sad when he meets them. It was more like a nightmare because he kept having the same dream over again.


Bollie on the other hand, said things weren’t smooth for him when he went to the UK and he left because he had only one hit song and can’t feed on that forever. Faced accommodation problems, and seeing himself detaching from his talent as an artiste was the scariest moment in his life. Things he has seen and experienced are different from what he’s used to in Ghana. And since things around him inspires him when writing music, he felt like people won’t¬†connect with him when he puts a song out.

Reggie n Bollie connected and they started doing music together and found themselves on the X-Factor platform. Even though people mocked them, they paid no heed and had focus on what they actually wanted to do. Now they are living the life they always dreamed of and are worth about 1Million pounds.

Very interesting, inspiring, heat-touching and rib-cracking interview. This might be the best interview we’ve watched hosted by Delay so far. Watch interview below…


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