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Get Familiar With The New Ewe Rap Sensation; Dimormi

Its no news that Loud Sound Ghana focuses mostly on the upcoming artists who are blessed with unimaginable talent but has very little exposure or limited range of reaching music lovers. Dimormi is one of these artists and the first time we heard his song, we saw the greatness in him and believed he will be the next Ewe rapper to make Ghanaians proud worldwide. Luckily for us, he granted our interview request and we are honoured to share the conversation with you all…

LSGH: What is your name and can you tell us who you are in general?

Dimormi: Setor Promise is my name and my stage name is DIMORMI. Am an Ewe Rapper. I am sociable and open minded person, and have a good sense of humor,intelligent, honest, reliable, ambitious, caring, generous etc.I am very self confident, fun loving, Yes, I admit that I know who I am, and I am very comfortable in persuit of my talent as a musician.i am cool and God fearing person. I hail from Aflao in the Volta Region of Ghana with ten lively siblings. I am fluent in both Ewe and English. Music has been my soul desire. I love playing football as a hobby and my favourite food is Banku with okro soup…

LSGH: Can you tell us about your childhood days? Where did you grow up?

Dimormi: Growing up, life was not easy.. I was one of the students who always owed school fees and was sacked from the exam hall during exams. Sometimes what to eat was a problem, life became more difficult after I lost my mother. My childhood memories are full of pain but it shaped me into the man I am today. It taught me to give thanks for life, work hard for what i want in life and smile no matter what im going through. I had to motivate myself, believe in myself and give thanks to God during both good and bad times. Today I look back and say to myself “God has been merciful”. Though I am not where I want to be in life, I have faith that everything will be alright. I can boldly say “I am young but I have been through alot”. Dimormi represents the struggle!, Dimormi represents people who tried to give up but realised life will be better someday!, Dimormi represents the hustle!, Dimormi is a hustler!. I lived and grew up in Aflao, a boarder town located in the Volta region of Ghana.

LSGH: What is your level of education?

Dimormi: I am senior high school graduate with background in Visual Art. I completed in 2006 at Taviefe Secondary School (TASEC) in HO.

LSGH: When did you start having interest in music?

Dimormi: Sincerely, my interest in music started when i was age 9 and was actually learning to sing the songs of other Hiplife and Hiphop artist and finally around age 14, I started writing my own lyrics and rhymes.

LSGH: Who has been your all time favourite role model and why?

Dimormi: My all time favourite role model is the Ghanaian born Hiplife artist TINNY. I just love how he is able to use his ?GA? language to drop punch lines and yet even though I dont understand, the style he deploys and the consistency of flows and the rhymes on every beat makes me to be more inspired in what I do as an EWE rapper.

LSGH: Why did you choose to do Hiplife?


Dimormi: I could not choose any other genre than our own home made HIPLIFE by the grand papa Rockstone. This is because i get a lot of motivation anytime i listen to them. However, as a strong determined artist, i am very versatile and could do any music that my fan would want from me and i will deliver exactly what they want.

LSGH: What do you intend to preach or promote in your songs?

Dimormi: Even though i do some love songs, i focus mainly on inspirational messages to the youth. I must also confess that i am been moved sometimes by the order of the day to write my songs such political, promoting peace and even comic stories.

LSGH: Which age group or gender or country do you wish listen to your songs more?

Dimormi: I wish someday, my music will cut across the globe to sell out my good messages to especially the youth since i fall into that category. So far, i am trying my best in Ghana.

LSGH: Do you think Hiplife is an active genre in recent times?

Dimormi: Yes, I believe Hiplife is an active genre and had gain a wider recognition with winning many awards all over the world.

LSGH: What do you wish to change in the music industry if you had an opportunity to change something?

Dimormi: If i had the chance to change something in the music industry, i would rather wish that presenters and DJ?s take delight in playing songs of what we call “underground” artists without making them go through hustles to pay money (Payola) before given a onetime air play.

LSGH: What are you going to promise the people of Ghana in regards to music releases, videos, and stage performances?

Dimormi: Already, i love what i do and i don?t sleep until it?s done. I am promising the people of Ghana that consistently i will keep bringing the best out of me in terms of new releases, quality videos and outstanding stage performances.

Dimormi will has released a couple of singles in recent times such as “Hmmm” done on EL’s “Agbadza Cover and “LorLor” meaning “Love” featuring an upcoming singer known as Spicer. Dimormi will be dropping another single very soon which he did on the “Makoma” cover originally done by R2bess. Keep your eyes on this space for that smashing hit! You are about to experience the excellence of musical talent!

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