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What Is A Viral Video ? The Raw Truth Right Here…

Many music artists have found their way to fame through viral videos. It could be a freestyle, home-made music video, filming someone playing an instrument, and many others. It is however, not limited to only music artists or people in the entertainment scene. A video of someone eating a cheese burger in an unusual way could easily go viral as well.

The word “Viral” has been misused or misinterpreted by lots of upcoming music artists. From what I found out, music video trailers or dance videos for songs are sometimes considered as viral videos. Some artists add “Viral Video” to their video titles even before it’s uploaded. Daydreaming or an impossible wish?

If you understand the word “VIRAL”, you will agree with me its been misused and applied the wrong way as far as these videos are concerned. A video, image, audio, or any media or Internet related content that has spread rapidly and widely by Internet users, can be considered “Viral”. Otherwise, the word is used relating to an epidemic or disease outbreak such as Viruses. Well let’s put the science stuff under the carpet and see what else we can sweep off the carpet.

So as I was saying, a video is considered viral when its has more shares than views (Literally)… Relax and read this part … For example, if your video has 5k views and 10k shares, you are right on your way fame! If one person shares the video with more than 1 friend, there is a high possibility of reaching 3 times more of every single view by the end of the day.You just sit and let your viewers do the promo for you!


My point is, just the views does not define a video to be viral or does not make a Video Viral. Some people might watch out of curiosity and probably stop watching after 30 seconds. As you may already be aware, YouTube consider a view as valid when the video is been watched up to 30 minutes or more.

Dear upcoming artists, be professional and stop tagging your videos as viral which ends up having 11 views and 1 share ( the share comes from the person who uploaded the video. ) Secondly, if you post a video on social media (Lets say Facebook) and all the 1k friends you have liked it but your views does not match even 2% of the likes, just know it’s another way of showing you the giant middle finger!

Don’t name or title your video Viral before upload. When its viral, it will be obvious… Thanks for your contribution and comments…

Yours Faithfully
Mr. Aborga (Loud Sound Ghana)


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