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Review: ‘Sarkastic’ by Da Hammer Featuring Sarkodie and Worlasi

Da Hammer of the Last 2 Music group has released the 3rd single off his unprecedented forthcoming album titled “The Last Of A Dying Breed”. The 3rd single is titled “Sarkastic” featuring Sarkodie and Worlasi.

The upcoming Album by Da Hammer is taking us back to the core definition of Hip-Life; the epitome of sounds made in Ghana, and owned by Ghanaians! (The Hammer Beat)…. We have only experienced 3 songs from the whole album but, it has been a deep and intense journey so far. Thought-Provoking topics, the real art of poetry and the beauty of unique instruments coming together to form one powerful sound!

The new music titled “Sarkastic” got music lovers thinking deep and trying as hard as they can to get to the bottom of the whole concept. Most people concluded by saying that, the song contained a lot of “euphemisms” that SARCASM… Hammer‘s beat had a charming influence on the listener, as it flew us back into time to re-experience the historic speech made by Dr Kwame Nkrumah on 6th March 1957 declaring Ghana as a Free country,  and one that will never suffer any form or hardship or oppression….

Dr Kwame Nkrumah‘s speech is the center of discussion in this song, and it saw Sarkodie and Worlasi highlighting the current situation on the ground and comparing it to the statement made decades ago. The question is, is Ghana really a free country as assured by Dr Nkrumah?


Sarkodie was the “Chief” narrator, who had a lot scenarios to bring to the table. I have always doubted that Sarkodie can really get deep and serious with his rap verses; but I think he just made me cover my face in shame… I have never heard him rap this deep till that Hammer beat got him possessed on a different level.

Sarkodie had 3 major things to address in the song, and these were the Fading Love for each other as compared to the brotherly love David in the Bible shared with Jonathan, The thirst for money and how the poor person isn’t appreciated no matter how hard working they may be…. Sarkodie had to fix himself in the picture sometimes to make people realize the reality on the ground.

Worlasi‘s chorus was a typical modern day Ghanaian speaking… Struggling to climb up whilst others were making fun of him and discouraging him. When an opportunity comes in, the best revenge is to enjoy the money like he has few hours to consume everything. Sarkodie made a similar comment in his rap where he asked “If I’m your brother and I am in charge of the money in the bank i work for, and make sure my family and friends are enjoying part of the money, will you advice me to stop and live a normal life” (Translated from Twi)…

Those verses tells me that, as humans or citizens, we are part of the problems the country face and we end up blaming one person for our own mindset and the desire for riches above what we actually deserve. People pay money to spiritual leaders to make them become richer and people are mute when it’s their close friends or family embezzling money. This is because, the respect for the rich is all humans care about and nothing else.

The main force behind this classic and deep record is that Hammer beat! The instruments stimulates your mood to get you in-line with the theme of the song. That heavenly presences of the trumpets and apocalyptic vibration of the bass can’t be compared to anything else. Indeed, Da Hammer is the Last Of A Dying Breed! If you haven’t listened to the song yet, Stream and download below, and share your point of view with us… We would love to read from you!


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