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Open Letter To Sarkodie a.k.a. The Highest

My name is Alfred Aborga and the CEO of Loud Sound Ghana. I have decided to write an open letter to Sarkodie. So here we go...

Dear Sarkodie, if any Ghanaian should say you haven’t done much for Ghana music and not the best, then that person is probably just following sarcastic comments and taking them very serious. Even those claiming they are the best still look up to you.

Sarkodie, I believe you already know this but if you don’t know, indeed you are a god in the music scene. Nobody gets to the top without becoming your friend, stepping on your toes or comparing what he does to what you do. A  music beef is never valid until you reply or start it. Look, my point is, you ron this s#it!!

Now let’s get to my main reason for this open letter… Sarkodie you have gotten to a point in your career where people expect more from you which is beyond your best. You can’t blame them; it’s how they see you and probably wish the next time you rap, the earth will experience some shakes because Obidi is on the mic.

As a music blogger, I read a lot of comments about your songs and I want to share my conclusion to those comments with you. After your album ‘Highest’ was released, a lot of people keep saying they expected more and when I asked what they expected, there is no word from them again.

Sarkodie, I don’t know how you’ll do this but find a way to slow people’s expectation for you down and get them walk on your level and not see you as a rapper with super powers. Rapper like Eminem had same fears when he was coming back to music full-time and the best he could do was to make fans understand he’s only human and they shouldn’t expect anything extreme from what he used to do. At least he calmed expectations down and I believe they are ready for what he has for them in the “Revival” album.

As long as you reign as the most relevant and most talked about artiste in Ghana and Africa, you should know people will expect too much from you and will always use comments like “He could have done better”… It’s up to you to come up with a way to slow people down on that level.


I want to end this letter by saying I am a fan, a critic and a troll of you because you are worth all of these. I blessed the day I finally shook your hands and took a pic with you when you came to Belgium for the “Highest Tour” in Antwerp. And appreciate all the shouts you gave my website Loud Sound GH prior to album release.

I have witnessed the hard work, how tired you looked after the show but you were ready to meet even more fans and interact with them. You are the best bro! God bless Sarkodie and I really want to see the people of Ghana taking their time to properly listen to your lyrics before they judge. You are the biggest brand in Ghana and nobody will argue about that. Keep making us proud! Have a great day challe!

Yours Faithfully

Mr. Alfred Brain Aborga

(Loud Sound GH)

Sarkodie and Mr Alfred Aborga
Sarkodie and Mr Alfred Aborga after the “Highest Tour” concert in Belgium.

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