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List of Artists Wrongfully Tagged as ‘Upcoming’

For an artist to be tagged as an Upcoming, it means only one thing to me; and that is, he or she is still in the process of mastering what he does… Our definition of “Upcoming” is unrelated!

Its been said that to be untagged as an upcoming artist, you need to feature the “TOP” artists on your song or get them to endorse you. The state of the Ghanaian music industry is such that, you need some sort of “Green Light” given by some persons to be celebrated. Below are few artists tagged wrongfully as upcoming artists.

Obibini Boafo

OBIBINI: I don’t know why anyone in this world would tag him as an upcoming artist or treat him as one. He is no joke when he jumps on a beat! Lyrically endowed and flawless when it comes to delivery. Obibini has been endorsed on countless occasions by top industry professionals and some notable artists in the country.

If you know what RAP really means, you will understand why Obibini shouldn’t be underrated. He is very far from the tag “Upcoming” because, he has mastered the art in a way that, 90 percent of the “Mainstream” artists are no match for him. He will be recognized when we understand what what rap is, and begin to appreciate well-woven lyrics.

koo ntakra article 1
Koo Ntakra

KOO NTAKRA: We have constantly and repeatedly ignored the young rapper’s talent. After winning the MTN Hitmaker and releasing hit songs such as “Wurewurafour” and others, we seem not to recognize the worth of this young Akuapem rapper.

When I look at Koo Ntakra, I get more confused about what makes someone an upcoming artist in Ghana. I have watched this rapper grow; and trust me, he is far beyond who he was a couple of years back… It’s disrespectful to call him or tag him as an upcoming artist.

The young rapper was in France to represent Ghana at the Midem Artist Accelerator festival; and the reaction was mind blowing! I can tell it’s really tough to be untagged as an upcoming artist in Ghana.

worlasi article

WORLASI: It’s a pity we can’t appreciate and recognize the awesomeness this talented and exceptional artist is made of. We should be ashamed for not putting Worlasi on the front row. He should have been one of the most talked about artists in Ghana.

If you take some time and listen to him, you will burst into reality! He is a gift to Ghana music and an artist the international community would love to listen to!

The kind of songs he composes are top-notch and will be applauded by anyone who understand music to the core. He is a PRO and not an Upcoming or Novice!

Cabum Article

CABUM: I believe you just realized how unfair the music industry is… Some people have concluded that, it’s because he is from Kumasi. I won’t argue with anyone who says that; but the problem is much bigger than his geographical location. I wonder what we are waiting to hear before we list Cabum among the top artists.

Does Cabum sound like someone who is struggling to join words to make up verses? Absolutely NOT! He is one of most talented artists in Ghana and must be celebrated as such. We need to respect talent and put all differences aside. This is an artist who is unique and perfect at what he does…

Ayat article

AYAT: It will sure take a long time for us to know what this rapper stands for. He is a HipHop icon who translates the genre into a more complex form. I have been listening to AYAT even at the time he was known as Billy Banger. If he was a Ghost Writer, he could have probably bought his own private jet by now. And that is no exaggeration.

Not every rapper can do what he does… Refreshing contents which every Ghanaian should be proud to present to the world when asked “How does the HipHop culture in Ghana Looks Like“… You will drive any foreigner crazy when he/she listens to AYAT! You call him an upcoming artist? Well, think again…

This is the end of part 1 of this article. Part 2 will be hitting you in no time. Do well to listen to their songs on this platform and tell us your opinions on these 5 artists listed. Next 5 will be coming soon.

Written by Mr. Aborga (LoudSoundGH)


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