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Ghanaians Are Cursed To Hate Each Other -: Mister Aborga

I have learned a lot about Ghanaians amidst the Shatta Wale and Wizkid issue and I'm shocked at what I have realized.

Before you scroll down the comment box without reading and arguing from your point of view, I want you to understand that, Shatta Wale never disrespected Wizkid as many Nigerian websites reported it (Probably because they wanted traffic to their websites). Artistes all over the world put themselves above other artistes no matter their achievements and relevance in the music world.

Note that, Shatta Wale made reference to Wizkid just because he is relevant and in a way see him as one of the best Nigeria has. His point was, HE doesn’t see Wizkid as the “Super Star” as many see him and I think it wasn’t wrong for him to honestly put out his feelings. His definition of “Super Star” according to what is said is all about signing deals, making money and having a comfortable life as an artiste.

He got to that point because he was talking about Ghanaian artistes not making the needed moves to make money for themselves. And also said if they improved on how they approach showbiz, they can make a lot of money as well. Shatta Wale also said that, he wants Wizkid to see him and be like “Wow” and not him seeing Wizkid and say “Wow”.

I believe 80 percent of Ghanaians didn’t even bother to find out what Shatta Wale really said about Wizkid before joining forces with the Nigerians (Who had the wrong info) to rain insults on Shatta Wale. If you have a child and someone comes to you and say “Your child is misbehaving” and you did not bother questioning that child to know the truth but went ahead to punish that child, then you simply don’t love your child.

What’s the difference between artistes in Ghana saying Sarkodie is not the best and Shatta Wale saying Wizkid is not a super star to him? No difference… but the approach to both scenarios are very different. Other Nigerian artistes have the right to say things about Wizkid but a Ghanaian artiste who is one of the most celebrated can’t?

That is exactly my point! We don’t love each other and won’t sacrifice anything to protect what we have. When this “Azonto – Alingo” thing came up, Samini fought it alone till he got tired and gave up. Ghanaians made less or no noise about it. Because it’s P-Square? If we don’t value our own artistes, who will?



This is why we miss out on many international awards because we fail to praise the handful of artistes we have giving us hits. We are only ready to criticize (Negatively) and fail to send positive signals out there. And we want investors to put their hard-earned money into our entertainment scene?

We have a miserable entertainment system because we don’t value it ourselves! As Reggie Rockstone will say, it’s called GH and not GEE HATE!!!

(I know people will still not get the deeper part of this article but I’m not God and can’t change how you think. God bless Ghana and God bless Ghana music) AYOOOOOOO!!!

Yours Faithfully

Mister Aborga (@MisterAborga)

Shatta Wale Dancehall Landlord


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