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Flowking Stone’s ‘Mekyea Kyea’ Best Video 2015. This is why…

To get this started, we need to clear our minds off some few things to allow us realize the facts associated with this article. Lets forget the figure ‘Flowking Stone’ and concentrate on the music video and the message ‘Mekyea Kyea’ had to send.

Mekyea Kyea‘ is an Akan phrase which simply means ‘I Send My Greetings’ or ‘I Greet you all’… In this song, Flowking Stone caught our attention with his greetings and went on further to list the things he is made of. Literally, the purpose of this song is to explain what he stands for and who he is in the music scene.

The music video was self-explanatory since most of his lines were depicted by the right characters who played their parts accordingly. Watching the video at the very beginning should allow you to see the verse well explained by the respective characters.

When he said “Se Ey3 no s3 paddy no ofri Ghana, Nti rap dier onti no kama… S3 ohu me s3 Cocoa farmer nti odi beat bi de b3 yi me ajana” you could see almost every word was represented by the right figures… And that continued throughout the whole video.


Most music videos only had people singing a line or 2 in the hooks or choruses; but with ‘Mekyea Kyea’, all the matched figures said their own lines… The first verse was fully sang by those that matched the concept. Who has ever done that?

This video will make you watch over and over forgetting there wasn’t an iota of graphic effects added to any part of it. It was so raw and natural. I believe so much work was put into this to get all actions synchronizing perfectly with the audio.

To add to it all, the video had about 40 celebrities from both music and movie industries. If you ask me, ‘Mekyea Kyea’ is one of the best song of the year, the best collaboration of the year, one of the best videos of the year, and one of the most popular songs in 2015! I could write more and more about this video!

With these few points you will realize you did not only watch a music video, but an inventive video which is first of its kind in the history of Ghana music! I REST MY CASE… You can share you comments and let me know if you agree or not.


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