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Exposed: Why Sarkodie Keeps Winning In The Music Scene

You can keep arguing but when the question "Who is the biggest artiste in Ghana" pops up, Sarkodie is most times the first name people will mention. I have compiled some of the observation I made about him and will expose the tricks to young artistes who look up to him.

Only a handful of artistes understand the music system in Ghana; and what I mean by this is that, only these artistes understand what most of their followers want to hear. Just like many others, I have wondered why Sarkodie has been on top ever since he showed up in the mainstream.

I can tell he has a well-informed team and he as an artiste, knows how to easily apply the things his team recommend. And if he’s deciding on the contents on his own, then I will say Sarkodie is genius! Reasons I outlined in this article might be Sarkodie’s biggest “Secret” to his music success in Ghana. Exposing my observation might go a long way to help artistes and those who think he has some super powers or bribe people to make him relevant, understand the situation better.

Sarkodie double image

Concepts People Can Relate To

What you say in your songs determines the kind of people who’ll listen to you. Even though Sarkodie has reached a level where he has peace of mind and owns almost everything he has ever wished for, he puts himself in the average Ghanaian’s shoes. Almost every young person feel inspired or motivated when listening to Sarkodie’s songs.

His latest release titled ‘End Time‘ featuring Kwabena Kwabena is one solid example of such songs. Apparently almost everyone says they feel Sarkodie talked to them in that song. He has done that in many other songs and as expected, people keep embracing those concepts.

A lot have said he’s not a “deep” rapper but I can confidently say when he feels it’s time to go deep, he will and won’t disappoint! A rapper is always a rapper and Sarkodie has been in the game for too long to know what metaphors, puns, etc are. He knows the time is not right to go deep yet…


Not all songs are made to entertain or party with. Some addresses very serious issues or heart-breaking situations; and when those come without humour, you won’t feel its absence. But commercial songs definitely need some sprinkles of humour to make it complete. Sarkodie is¬†awesome when it comes to that as well. He’ll either leave you smiling or bursting out into laughter at one point! This is entertainment and a bit of humour is well-appreciated by all music lovers.

Easy Lyrics

Ghanaians keep contradicting themselves on many topics. I have heard a lot say Sarkodie is not the best because his lyrics are too raw and simple. Well as I said earlier in my first point, he knows and understand his targets and believes easy-to-understand lyrics is the best option and can reach many listeners nationwide.


When you pull out the deepest rap song, many people won’t understand its contents and may misinterpret in many ways. This is what Sarkodie is trying to avoid and he’s has been successful at it! Let me take you back to the best Hiplife album of all time “Pae Mu Ka” by Obrafour… We all loved that album and even today people listen to it. Tell me how many deep lyrics are in there? It’s just ancient proverbs and quotes we’re used to.

This is why people will listen to Sarkodie and feel good about it because, there is nothing to “decode” or argue about. He knows the “language” our people are familiar with…

Style of Delivery

When it comes to delivery, Sarkodie is one of the best if not the best! You listen to him rap and you fall in love with his lyrics even if you don’t understand the Twi language. That is one thing that makes his songs appealing to the ears. Even people who are not into rap, appreciate his style of delivery.

When we talk about “Riding” or “Playing” with the beat, Sarkodie makes it look too easy… He draws your attention to his lyrics than the beat itself. You can never miss a word he says no matter how awesome the instrumentation is. In short, he doesn’t have one style of rap; it varies from beat to beat.

Sarkodie on Stage
Picture Credit: Kymages

Stage Craft (Communication with audience)

No matter how much you downplay Sarkodie’s dominance in the music scene, his stage craft is something you can’t pretend you don’t love. He gets on stage and you can feel his presence! His entrance and movement on stage is absolutely magic! He makes good use of the stage and makes sure the audience feel him from every angle of that stage.

I don’t know if he does this; but I have never seen him commanding the audience to do things like raising their hands, clapping or standing up. Everything just flows natural. It’s as if he has rehearsed with the same set of audience before the main event. He also pays attention to how people react to a particular song before muting the mic for them to sing some parts.

In my opinion, these noticeable things makes him stay above the waters and will forever be seen as one of the greatest of all times. He understands, and very familiar with his audience and that is very important. Go to where you’re loved and appreciated! He’ll be here for a very long time!

Written by Mr. Alfred Aborga for Loud Sound GH


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