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Ebony Is My Artiste Of The Year and This Is Why

Ghanaian artistes have worked hard to entertain the people of Ghana and the rest of the world. One of these artistes in Ebony and I will be talking about why she is my Artiste of the Year.

Ebony Reigns a.k.a. 90s Bad Gyal, is obviously one of the most popular and most talked about artiste in 2017. Her popularity based on songs she released, her stage performances and some of her choice of costumes. Her style of dressing to me, is not a big deal compared to what some of our Celebrities put on Social Media. Of course, she is an entertainer and should dress to fit any occasion.

We don’t remember hearing she got involved in any sort of scandal, dating a celebrity or pulling a stunt just to get people talking about her. In short, everything she got mentioned for throughout 2017 has everything to do with her music side. Below are reasons why Ebony is my artiste of the year…


It’s all out there in the open. Google confirmed she is the second most talked about person in 2017 in the recently released Google trends for the year. On the site Loud Sound GH, it almost looked like it’s Ebony’s personal website. She’s the most searched artiste on the site, and among our “Most Popular Views”… Every minute, we have an average of at least 2 people streaming, downloading or watching a video by Ebony.

If you can’t trust our stats, you can go to her YouTube channel and check out her video views as well. Those who know me well and are friends with me on Facebook can testify I have said this over again ever since Ebony released “Sponsor“… She is popular and I doubt if any Ghanaian hasn’t heard any of her songs yet. Numbers don’t lie.

Continuous Hit Songs


From “Poison” to “Maame Hw3” has all been hit songs which are still relevant. Most artistes release hit songs and their new hit songs overshadow the old one. But in Ebony’s case you don’t feel that the love you have for her previous song has diminished even one bit! It’s still the same and any of her songs performed on stage will get the audience screaming along!

From my observation, Ebony made sure she is ready to release her “BonyFied” album and with what I have seen through the year, the people are very ready for the album and have proved the album is worth buying. Her strategy is to pay more attention to the songs and drop the album when people are ready for it and it has been successful!


According to the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) criteria for “Artiste of the Year” I think Ebony falls under all those and she’s a potential winner of the category; and well as “Most Popular Song of The Year” (Which might be a tough category) 2017 has been all about Ebony from her songs, shows, collaborations and music videos. Her recent music video for the song “Maame Hwe” added the icing on the beautiful and delicious cake!

You can share your views with me and mention some of the reason you consider her as your artiste of the year too. And if you disagree with my opinion, please state yours politely in the comment box. The “BonyFied” album is out; do well to get yourself a copy.

Written by Alfred Aborga (@MisterAborga)


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