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Buying Social Media Fans. What Does It Mean?

Social media has become the most reliable platform to reach people (Fans) and to share information or messages to the masses. It goes as far as serving as a tool to measure the success of a business or a person.

I will be putting my lenses on artists to explain what Buying Social Media Fans means. Let me quickly explain what Buying fans actually means… Its the process whereby a social media account owner gives out something in exchange for “LIKES” or “FOLLOWS”. It could be a “Follow-For-Follow” or “Like-For-Like”…

The most common way of buying Fans (LIKES) is by exchanging the service with cash. Buying fans can be useful if you follow the right channels. But could be very bad for your business or public image if you go the other way round. There are two ways to do this and I will explain why one is better.

The first one which is very common, is buying “LIKES” from persons who claim they will add maybe 10k “LIKES” to your fan page and make you popular overnight. In some cases, that kind of popularity gives you some online credibility. Most artists have been awarded just because they have huge numbers of followers on their social media account.

Those kind of likes are mostly made up of hacked facebook profiles, inactive accounts, and automatically created accounts which is known as ‘bots’. Basically, they are only numbers making you look good outside but nothing goes on when you post something on your page.


Your post does not reach people and you get no engagement at all. In short, you have ghost followers… 10k Followers or LIKES may cost you around 5 dollars or 10 dollars; but its more like talking to thousands of dead people.

The second type which is approved by Facebook is called the ‘Facebook Sponsored Ads‘… Its a bit expensive if you need around 10k LIKES or FOLLOWERS. But the good thing about this is that, real people Follow or LIKE your page.

You decide where your Fans should come from, their age group, and people you think will enjoy the kind of music you do. There is nothing wrong buying fans this way. If you target the right people, you will get the right results and that will mean you gain real and active fans.

I hope from today people wont lash out celebrities for “Buying” fans and calling them fake. With the issue of less engagements, LIKES and SHARES, I will talk about that in my next post. Its another long explanation and you will understand the human behaviour on social media when you read the next post. Keep your eyes here and share this if you find it to be useful…

Source: Alfred Aborga (Loud Sound Ghana)



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