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Artistes Don’t Need Music Blogs To Get Their Songs Heard

Most artistes do not know they can become their own promoters, marketers and distributors without a blog. We at Loud Sound GH want to bring their attention to something they've probably not thought of.

I know most of you might be surprised this is coming from a blogger who’s supposed to make artistes know without blogs, they can’t go anywhere with their music. I say the truth when I have to and my main aim is to open the eyes of most artists and make them understand that, they don’t have to depend fully on blogs to become successful as musicians.

Music BloggerIn case artistes never bothered about what a blog really does; A blog is simply a platform for sharing personal opinions about anything. And I love sharing my opinions on music by writing reviews according to how I understand a song or appreciate it. Because I do this without taking money from artistes, I share honest opinions and not influenced by any sort or token or “Gift” from artistes. Even if they decide to give me some gifts, my opinion is never bought!

Instead, artistes should strategically involve bloggers in their promo plans while they have their personal marketing plans well drawn. I bet most artistes haven’t wondered how bloggers actually promote their songs when they request for those services. Of course they use social media which is open to everyone free of charge. The downside is, a blogger can never define your audience better than yourself! They can only present your songs to their audience and if you are unlucky and the majority aren’t into the kind of song you do, that is money well-shredded!

As an artiste, you must be in charge of your promo, understand the demographics, identify those who love your songs and put in more time promoting your songs targeting them. When bloggers find something interesting about your brand and how people appreciate your song, they’ll sure write about it. That is the work of the blogger basically… Bloggers can talk about you, tell people why you an interesting artiste to talk about, how your song got their attention, and why they think their loyal readers may love it too.

The bloggers know what topics their readers are more interested in and they know how to convert your story to suite what their readers are familiar with. If you don’t have a background, the blogger won’t have anything to say about you. But if you have a background and know where to market your song, you are helping yourself and attracting people to have something to say about you.

Fancy Gadam
Fancy Gadam

We have seen many examples of artistes appearing into the music scene by surprise and sadly, most artistes think it’s just luck. Some target audience strategically and others do without knowing they are doing the right thing.

Fancy Gadam made songs his people love and he promoted his songs in the Northern Region until it got to other parts of Ghana. He had almost everybody talking about him in Northern Ghana, filling up a whole stadium without supporting acts which isn’t even a free show, and many other things that became news worthy and an interesting topic to write about.

Any where in Ghana densely populated with more Northerners, Fancy Gadam is sure to have a sold out concert. These are things the blogger is happy to write about and will do that with honesty and not pushing down “hyped” or exaggerated info down people’s throat!


Artiste like Patapaa didn’t know what he was doing until it worked out for him. People around his geographical location accepted what he served, and blew up totally over there before crawling into other parts of the country.

It flooded social media, the media started talking about it, and it went across the borders of Ghana. I’m not sure if he’ll have a sold out concert if he tries one; but very sure his presence at any event will drive the crowd crazy.

My last example is a young rapper called Frequency Rap even though he’s not all over the place yet. He made a freestyle video talking about things happening around him which he might have experienced personally.

Surprisingly, most of the youth could relate to those lyrics and everyone that come across the video, shares it… All these names mentioned and more did not just rely on bloggers to help them out there. I visited FreQuency Rap’s Facebook Fan page a couple of times and I like what he’s doing there. He has clearly discovered his audience and working towards giving them even more. His engagement with them is great as well….

Frequency Rap
FreQuency Rap

He has a little over 4000 fans on his Facebook page now but he’s very active there and keeping them closer. Go on Google and type his name and you’ll only find his SoundCloud links. Give him a couple of months and he’ll be all over the place! I think my point is well made!

Know who needs you, and stay there no matter how small they are. With time, people will get interested to know more and bloggers will be more than happy to write about you as a trending topic.

More website hits for the blogger and more publicity for the artiste at very low or no cost.

On this note, I will end by saying that, an artiste doesn’t REALLY need a blogger to get their songs heard.

You comments and thoughts are welcome.

Written by Alfred Brain Aborga (Loud Sound GH)


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