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5 Reasons Why Strongman Will Never Fade Out

According to my personal observations and looking at the music scene in Ghana, these are some of the reasons why Hiplife artiste; Strongman is here to stay and will never fade out.

Strongman and Sarkodie
Strongman and Sarkodie

The music scene in Ghana is unpredictable; but if you have a perfect grip of the system and know the right place to face, you might be in existence for a very long time. Some artistes appear in the music scene with a single hit song and they get lost when the buzz dies. They do all they can to get back again and it never works out… Frustrations set in and they feel the world is against them. The world in their head means bloggers, Radio/Tv presenters, Event organisers, etc.

An artiste like Strongman has been in our ears for some years now, and he is building more presence as time goes on. The year 2016 has seen a tremendous growth in the young rapper’s career and it’s obvious there is more room for improvement. He is one of the few who have made a head-way in the music scene after winning a talent competition. Below are the reasons why Strongman will never fade out and has the potential to become the next king.

Story Teller

A music artiste is a story-teller and a narrator. Strongman is a genius when it comes to story telling—He doesn’t get swayed by rhymes when laying his verses and that makes him stay on the topic and narrate a consistent story. Since the days of Ghanaian Highlife, story telling has been the main ingredient and people always look out for the “Message” every song comes with. Strongman makes his stories more appealing by adding most rap elements like puns, metaphors but makes the average music lover follow the story throughout.


If you don’t like humour, there is something very wrong with you. We need a good laugh once in a while and using humour in your songs is appreciated by any music lover. Strongman can add humour to any situation and it works out perfect. Artistes who have good sense of humour are the ones making the biggest impact in the Ghanaian music scene. With this been said, I think Ghanaians will be willing to listen to Strongman any day!

Target Audience


To be a successful musician, you need to know your target and I think Strongman understands who to target and what contents they are willing and eager to listen to. His songs are for the average Ghanaian and the things he talks about happens in our everyday life. I haven’t heard him boast of personal properties or living a luxurious life; and I think 80 percent of the people can actually relate to the scenarios. Nothing better than listening to a song that seem to talk about your present situation.

Strongman Burner
Strongman Burner

Unique Rap Style

To stand out, you must be unique—and I can say Strongman possesses that unique style of delivery. He has that typical Ashanti accent and he spiced it up with the original native language. Whenever I listen to him, I able to connect the lyrics to the accent and that makes him authentic. I will say he sounds like himself and only him sounds that way in Ghana. He used these attributes to conquer some of the best up and coming Hiphop artistes in the “Next Big Thing” competition. Being unique is what music lovers are looking for and that is why Strongman will always stay relevant.

Practical Topics

I can’t confirm what inspires Strongman’s contents but he has very little or no exaggerated contents. He has a way of saying things that people can always relate or agree with. Strongman basically knows what the people wants to hear and knows how to present them professionally. He doesn’t “Beat Around The Bush” and does not mix “Foreign” contents with his story. Ghana will be ready to listen to this young rapper anytime and I am very hopeful Strongman will be the next Sarkodie.

With all these been said, you can all agree with me that, these are the reason the young rapper has been relevant for years. I am yet to hear someone say “As for this Strongman’s new song dierrr I no feel kraaa“… The young Hiplife artistes still has fresh contents in him and in due time, he will give it out to Ghanaians… I will love to read your comments…

Yours Truly

Mr Aborga…


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