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5 Reasons Why Artists Shouldn’t Pay a Blogger To Post Their Songs

DISCLAIMER: This article does not make any reference to any existing blog/Blogger, and does not refer to any music artist in the mainstream or the underground. I am solely entitled to this article and all contents are my personal opinions and recommendations…

Hello everyone, its me again… I am here today to talk about the reasons why a music artist must not not pay a blogger to publish their songs or press releases on their blogs. This topic has generated a lot of arguments on a regular basis and I believe it’s something most artists are willing to know more about.

Without wasting much time, let’s get to the reasons why an artist shouldn’t ever pay money to a blogger. I believe most bloggers know this and will agree with me… I urge you all (Both artists and Bloggers) to read this carefully and get the points right.

TRAFFIC: A blog’s success depends on the amount of traffic it receives daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. With this been said, a blog doesn’t exist when they don’t get enough traffic. ( Traffic is the amount of visitors or readers and the number of pages or posts visited per session ) If you are a well branded and well established artist, a blogger should be more than eager to post your materials on his or her blog; and that will sure bring in traffic converting into sales. This is the foundation of a blog and in reality, this is all that matters.

BLOG UPDATES: Imagine a blog with 1 post per month… Who likes visiting a blog with very little and outdated contents? In this way, an artist feeds the music blog with information which obviously gives the blogger something useful or worthy to talk about. These includes Concert dates, Album release notifications, Award nominations, general press releases, Controversial news, and basically all updates about an artist whether good or bad. When this happens, readers are always compelled to visit that blog to see updates and new stuffs. We know the end results right?

CONTENTS: I don’t see any reason why a blogger will want an artist to pay for their services when what the artist is presenting, is of good quality and appealing to the blog’s targeted readers. If an artist submit a song that is well produced, backed with a well written and proofread article, and a decent and acceptable artwork attached, the blogger has no right to ask that artist to pay. A blog is not supposed to be a market place but a platform to share information. Unless maybe they pay tax to the internal revenue services. I’m just saying…

FUNDING: Has it ever crossed your mind how a blogger is able to fund his or her blog? When I say “Funding” I’m talking about paying for blog hosting, buying themes and plugins, and other few things that keeps the blog running. So how is that money made? If a music blog does not have any music on it for people to visit and download, how does the blog make money from adverts, donations and affiliate marketing? This is where the artist play an important role again. The blogger NEED the artist to be able to fund his blog.


READER ENGAGEMENT: This is more technical than it sounds. Reader Engagement simply means giving your readers reasons for them to stay on the blog for extra more minutes after reading a post or publication. Without artists, this cant be achieved as well… The longer someone stays on a post, the higher the impressions and converting to more ad sales. If an artist can keep a reader entertained for about 5 to 10 minutes with a song or music video, why should the artist pay a blogger for entertaining their readers?

You can notice almost all the above mentioned points leads to ad serving and giving readers what they are looking for. So why should you pay a music blog who needs you to become successful?

Serving ads on a website is not the only way to make money from a blog. Blogging has become a business than a passion to many and its making lots of them lost touch of the blogging concept.

So after reading all these, please be sure you have worked hard enough to earn the title “MUSIC ARTIST“… If you are the type that goes to the recording studio to do some shabby works and expect the blogger to gladly post your song, then I’m sorry. You are definitely not in this category.

Know that if you have not built any foundation or worked on your brand as an artist, you are only occupying space on the blog and the blogger makes no money from you. Instead, the blogger is building your career for you by writing convincing articles about you to win you fans, brand you as an Artist and basically introduce you to his or her readers. In this situation, you will have to pay the blogger for virtually being your manager, publicist and promoter.

Become a well ESTABLISHED and BRANDED artist to get your songs posted on every blog for FREE. Thanks for your time and please leave your comments and share if you found this article useful.

Written by : Alfred Aborga (Loud Sound Ghana)


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