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5 Rappers Who Are Never Going To Fade Out

The Ghanaian music scene keep seeing familiar faces in the rap world and new faces appear once in a while. Today, we are listing 5 artistes who are here to stay because, they practically know what the people of Ghana expect from them.

Music in Ghana is a rigid one and hard for artiste; especially rappers to penetrate and build up a stable foundation. Music is about knowing your audience or listeners, giving them what they expect from you and staying original. In no particular order, below are 5 rappers who are fully prepared and understand the rap scene and know who exactly their listeners are…


SarkodieBelieve it or not, hate it or love it, Sarkodie is like a god when it comes to rap music. Ever since he took a major step into the music scene, he has never backed down and always had surprises under his sleeves for the people of Ghana. He is a master in the rap world as an entertainer and as well, a guru in the business side of entertainment.

It’s always an Epic moment when he gets on stage; and he has made Ghana proud on many international stages. He has everything well planned and know which songs to perform at which event. The people of Ghana love him and he has become the epitome of rap and the only point of comparison when Ghanaians want to rate rappers. Comparing rappers without Sarkodie doesn’t sound valid. He’s here to stay and will always be the Highest Ghana ever had.


ManifestPopularly Known as the “god MC”, he is a master of his own world and has created a realm of his own. He has his own rules to the game and knows how to target the majority; especially those who are yearning for something new to listen to. He has also made Ghana proud on many international stages. His unique approach to rap music clears all competitions and makes him a stand-alone artiste in his own field of music.

Many young artistes are beginning to sound like him these days and that only means that, he has inspired others with his unique style. His stage performances are spectacular and beautiful to watch as well. Manifest is also here to stay whether you like it or not! He’ll always do what he does and be appealing to those who vibe with him.


MedikalIt took Medikal a couple of years to understand how music in Ghana really works. And since then, it has been a continuous Fame-elevating era for the young music star. Every song Medikal unleashes is a straight hit song and the kind that most Ghanaians , if not all, will definitely bounce to. The rapper sure knows his audience or listeners; and occasionally steals attention of those outside his world.

We see Medikal as an ambassador for Ghana music and an iconic figure, as well as a supporting spine of the music industry. He has created his own “craze” and the people of Ghana love him and what he does. His 22 track album dubbed “Disturbation” released on 7th July 2017 will tell you he’s really here to stay and for a very long time.



StrongmanNot trying to compare this great rapper to his boss; Sarkodie, but he’s the Sarkodie of Kumasi and one of the most talented in Ghana. Strongman has been able to make great impacts in the music scene for years as an inexperienced and independent artiste. He has become the pride of Kumasi and one of the most promising in Ghana.

Strongman getting signed to SarkCess Music means he’ll have hands around him and helping him get properly molded and steered in the right direction. He has already proved he’s here to stay and now has the little fixes he required applied to him. A great rapper with no doubt, and an artiste Ghana will always be proud of and won’t ever get tired listening to.


Pic taken at Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

He started music, took a break, learned, re-branded and appeared in the music scene again as Ayat! Also known as the Young Zamani, Ayat has introduced a wave which is way beyond our listening capacity. Ayat is literally ahead of time and bringing the future to the present!

The streets and music lovers at large love him and fully vibe with what he does. An artiste someone like Sarkodie calls unique and described his style of rap as “Real Rap with contents”. Ayat is preparing for the future now and surprisingly, the people of Ghana have accepted the future of Ayat already. Watch Ayat become one of the biggest pillars in the music scene… Definitely her to stay…


These are the top 5 artistes who are here to stay and will forever stay relevant. There are other artistes who fall under this category but, this is our top 5 list. You may use the comment to box to express your views or name artistes you think are here to stay as well.

Written by Mr. Aborga (Twitter @MisterAborga)


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