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5 Things Up and coming artistes fantasize about

Music Artiste

Many or most artistes fantasize about how things work once you’re mainstream or once you shoot to stardom, they mostly hold on to beliefs that most of their wildest dreams Will automatically come true once they are up there and that guarantees them a happily ever After. Well it is …

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Things Artistes Refuse To Learn From Sarkodie


About 80% of up and coming artistes have mentioned Sarkodie as someone they look up and wish to be like him some day… We had this statistics because we have interviewed lots of young artistes; and when the question “Who do you look up to?” comes up, Sarkodie is mentioned …

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Making Music Readily Available to Fans

Ghana Music download

If music is to be done, it should be done well. But after it is done, it should be easily accessible to everyone who wants it. Many-a-time, musicians compose great pieces of music but it gets stuck on their laptop, CD, or even in the studio. Not that the artiste …

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What Is A Viral Video ? The Raw Truth Right Here…

Viral Video

Many music artists have found their way to fame through viral videos. It could be a freestyle, home-made music video, filming someone playing an instrument, and many others. It is however, not limited to only music artists or people in the entertainment scene. A video of someone eating a cheese …

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Buying Social Media Fans. What Does It Mean?

social media

Social media has become the most reliable platform to reach people (Fans) and to share information or messages to the masses. It goes as far as serving as a tool to measure the success of a business or a person. I will be putting my lenses on artists to explain …

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