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The Reggie Rockstone They Wont Tell You About

Reggie Rockstone a.k.a. Hip-Life Grand Papa as he's passionately called has been a strong pillar in the music industry from the very beginning and he is till now. There are some things people overlook or pretend not to see and I'm here to share them with you.

Let me just start by saying I’m sorry but, Ghana is a very tricky country to live in especially if you want to introduce something new and fix something many haven’t been able to for a long time. Believe it or not, the Hip-Life genre got introduced by Reggie Rockstone and he made sure he stood strong and led the revolution to become what it is now. Ghana music made international impacts when Reggie Rockstone brought in the flavour and most Nigerian artistes making waves back then can testify to this.

I’m heartbroken when people say Reggie Rockstone hasn’t helped any young artiste and hasn’t been supportive throughout his career. I chanced on a tweet recently which says Bulldog (A very close brother) mentioned Reggie Rockstone as one of the top artists who never helped the young artists…

I’m not sure if he’s talking about the same Reggie Rockstone who endorsed Obrafour on stage, built Mobile Boyz from scratch, joined hands with Nkasei to release one of the best and deepest records of our time… How did we get to know about Root Eye, Cy Lover, Sidney (Nananom) and the rest?

Reggie Rockstone has done more than just that! There are loads of Ghanaian stars who have knocked on Reggie Rockstone’s door seeking advice and guidance; but since he loves to keep some of these meetings and discussions private, he never spoke about them publicly.

How do I know all these? Beautiful Question! Because he keeps some of his meetings PRIVATE remember? I’ve been the nosy type and I asked him and people around him a lot of questions… He’s always available to give me answers and with references attached.

Sometimes I just don’t want to talk about these things because he (Reggie Rockstone) doesn’t seem bothered at all and it makes me feel it might be a publicity stunt he might know about… But someone needs to say it as it is and that person just had to be me because I am not, and will never be biased in any situation! If he knew about this article, he’ll tell me not to worry about it…

Apart from the debate that, Reggie “lied” about being the originator of Hip-Life, there are other things he did which the people of Ghana doesn’t even know about and he’s not even bragging about it! Those who know won’t talk about it for whatever reason! Check these out…

The first BET Cypher in Africa should have gone to Nigeria but Reggie Rockstone engineered it with the help of an old friend who worked at BET that time. All artists on the BET Cypher (The first ever) are people he endorsed and approved by his friend who worked with BET. I got all these info from trusted sources and artists on the Cypher will testify to this!

Reggie Rockstone Hiplife Grand PapaThe fight to get BET presenting International artiste awards on the main stage involved Reggie Rockstone too! Fuse ODG will testify, American Rap artist know as Talib Kweli will confess about Reggie’s involvement in the movement as well. And he started this movement way back in 2012! This year 2018, BET has finally decided to award our African artists on the main stage. A big deal for us all!

I’m not saying Reggie is the main influence, but he played a really hard and underground role in all this together with Nigeria’s Wizkid and the Afro god; Fuse ODG! But Ghanaians only know what Wizkid said on social media about this. Apparently, we don’t care what another Ghanaian says… And it’s worse if it’s Reggie Rockstone! SMH!

This might get too long to read if I have to put out everything here. But the sad truth is, Ghanaians don’t appreciate what they have… Reggie Rockstone is a legend and a strong pillar for the music industry. He has done a lot and he’s still doing what he does best, and that is giving people the help he can and when he can.

Let’s celebrate him and not downplay everything he has worked hard for. No matter how much you hate his achievements, he made them and will continue to as long as he lives! As he says “It’s GH and not Gee Hate“!!!

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