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If You See Music As a Business, Invest In It. This is How You Invest.

Music just like any other business, requires investment at its young stage. But the question is how do you invest and not run at a loss?

According to a personal survey most music artistes in Ghana and most parts of Africa do music because they want to drive flashy cars, win awards worldwide and have endorsement deals knocking at their doors. On the other side, some people say they do music for the people and not looking at any personal gains. Well, I say they can say that to the birds because we all know that is a big fat lie.

Music is business and nobody does music and say “Call me for shows and I will do it for free because I ONLY want to make my fans happy“. Who are you deceiving? If you do music full-time or part-time, you put some money into production and even if you own a recording studio, you will pay bills and put in some energy in the production process.

Look, my point is, you do music because you want to make money from your talent and enjoy the fame along side. There isn’t a single musician in the world who makes a lot of money doing music and still worried just because they aren’t famous or popular. Ghost writers are the happiest and proud people in the music business. Whether you like it or not, you will invest in your music one way or the other; and if you are business minded, you would want to earn that money back in multiple folds.


Recording StudioInvesting properly and wisely in your music career is what you need to think about as an artiste and a business person. The first thing is PRODUCTION. If you don’t have a recording studio, you’ll be paying more than someone who has it.

Don’t just jump on any beat and start weaving your way around it because you made the lowest bargain. Make a reasonable bargain which will give you the power to choose from varieties of beats and be able to make Changes to suit the idea you had for your song. Coming out with a great production, adds value to your career. Lots of up and coming artistes don’t pay attention to production quality and will always settle for less. The time, energy and money you put in production determines how passionate you are about what you do and simply tells the world the kind of music artiste you are… Pay good money to the right music engineer and get a masterpiece out there.


music blogAnother way of investing into your music is paying the right music blog or bloggers for their services. Even though Loud Sound GH doesn’t take money from artistes to get their songs on the website doesn’t mean we frown or condemn other blogs or bloggers who do that. However, if you make the wrong investment in that field, it’s as good as not investing at all.

What you need to do is look for the right blogger for the kind of genre you do. Some are good at blogging about rap songs, others good at High-Life music, etc. Look for who can actually talk about your genre and has audience who are into that genre as well. The amount they ask you to pay is not the issue but the impact the song will make and how many people will engage with it is what matters.

If it’s worth it, pay for it! If you have free platforms like ours, don’t abuse it with Demos and songs you don’t care about. Treat the free platforms like you would with the paid ones. The only difference is one deciding not to take money from you.


Radio StationThis is the tricky part when promoting your song on radio. Many people have the perception that Radio stations MUST play your songs without asking you to pay a dime. But if you have that in mind, remember this; You are not obliged to pay a radio station to play your songs and it’s the same way the radio station isn’t obliged to play your songs either.

Of course they may play your song a couple of times and maybe more if it’s really good but if you value a product (Your music) you don’t have to expect free advertisement. Let’s face it challe; the Royalty system in Ghana doesn’t work as it should and it’s better you wake up from your dreams and do what “Romans do”. Radio stations have advertisement packages and if you think that radio station has listeners who love the genre you do, pay for advertisement (This is not payola).

Look for a radio presenter, a DJ, programme manager and talk with them. They’ll sure have a good promo plan for you and it’s totally worth it. When the radio station can attract more listeners because your song is playing, they make more money by advertising other products to those listeners and you don’t have to pay huge amounts anymore because you’ve exchanged that with people who love your music. It works automatically and that is why quality production plus good promo is very important.


social mediaSocial media has given us the power to express our opinions without fear and this is why people spend more time on social media trying to get heard and interacting with people. With the growing technology, social networks like Facebook is able to categorize members and somehow knows what each person may like based on their activities and things they engage with on social media. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence a.k.a. AI.

Take some time and read about how to boost your songs on social media especially Facebook and you’ll be amazed at the people you’ll attract to your songs. It’s all about setting the right targets and showing your boosted post to people who are likely to interact with them. (Pay attention to clicks than the LIKES) Just do some digging around and know what exactly you need to do. These days Facebook assign people to call you on phone after your first boost and they will show you around and make you know all the secrets behind it.

There are also some people who are popular on Facebook because of certain topics they address regularly. If your music content falls in line with what they talk about more, connect with them and get them share your things with their audience. It helps a lot and helps more when you “secretly” buy them some internet bundles. Ghana we dey challe… Things like this motivate us.

To conclude, remember you always need to invest into music and when you are all over the place, people will pay any amount to get you on shows or to attend your shows. That is how you make your money back. Don’t expect free things when you are looking at millions in the near future.

If you don’t have money, wait till you have the needed start-up money or just don’t expect anything huge with zero investment. Music is not a game of chance… Every hit song you hear out there got promoted in one way or the other. If you are fortunate, people will use their power to do the main promotion for you and you don’t have to pay for it directly. If you have any good music investment ideas, please share with us.

Written by Alfred Aborga (Loud Sound GH)

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