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Why Show Love After They Pass Away?

This is a detailed, short and brief answering a question that needs to be adressed. Why don't you show them the love by purchasing their stuff and being dedicated fans but wait till they die before you rain praises?

Ghana was shook with the passing of Ace Dancehall starlet, Ebony Reigns and social media is blazing with condolences but I need to clarify this; WHY NOW? Ebony has been a subject of insults and major criticism and all of a sudden everyone cares. Her songs played every where . Artists who wouldn’t post or even tweet her album, single or video are now showing love. Why do we need to wait for someone to pass away before we carry the mantle of love?

Last year, Vybrant Faya lost his life through a vehicle accident on the Tema motorway. I never really had an artist-fan connection with him but let’s be honest, Vybrant was a hit maker. Maybe a one hit wonder because he wouldn’t be around anymore but no one can deny this, “ MAMPI WAS AND IS STILL ONE OF THE OUTSTANDING SONGS IN THE ERA OF AFRO-DANCEHALL IN AFRICA”. There wasn’t a place, bar, club, house or radio station that wouldn’t add Mampi to their playlist.
No one hails a dead person like Social Media. I saw posts on how great and wonderful he was.

What happened to fan loyalty? What happened to sticking to an artist through thick and thin? Or is it that Faya never had a true fan base? To be honest with y’all, I have asked this question. I don’t really get it. Why do you ignore him when he isn’t in his prime but you will praise him when he is dead as if you was there from day 1?

Last year, we also heard of the passing of Omanhene Pozo. Whether we like it or not, Pozo was a good artist. His awesome blend of old highlife music with rap was my first experience with sampling. No one did it like him back in the days. But as the rule of trend, ” as you fade away, a new trend arises”. New acts came through, new genres popped up and Pozo’s name faded to white.

Sadly, the health battle got to Pozo and he lost the battle. One of the pioneers of the game lost his life and dear old Facebook rained praises on Omanhene Pozo. “He was a legend, he was an exceptional artist, I loved him since I was a child”. Facebook will turn you into an hypocritical fan and you wouldn’t even know it.

But really is it their fault? Nope. Facebook is a platform that projects what I call the ” alter-ego”. You write what’s on your mind not your real lifestyle. People will wait for such news and will turn into a hardcore fan and sympathizer. Quite ironic but understandable.

My advice is to follow the great words of Worlasi, “don’t wait for me to die before you come to my funeral”. Love your favorite artists, support them, be loyal to them, immortalize them so that they live in your heart even when they aren’t around anymore.

Long Live Ghana Music

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