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This is How To Make 4 Figures Monthly as An Artiste

The main problem with Ghanaian artists is making revenue making. The mainstream acts are making album and single sales but what about our upcoming acts? Read this article to show you other streams to make 4 figures monthly.

2018 is going to be a strong year for artists, especially our upcoming stars. The music system favours only our mainstream acts and this breeds loss of enthusiasm for our new acts. Most of them need record and management deals so much that they would do anything for it. You hear of artists selling their souls; well “Selling Your Soul” for a deal simply means after the sweet record and management deals that you’d give away your masters and talent for low percentages.

What if I told you there are ways to make 4 to 5 figures monthly without relying on help from anyone. (Ps. All you need is your good music, fanbase and your dedication) People rely on traditional music sales (sales of singles and albums) and the help of GHAMRO to eat and in as much as I support this revenue, there are more ways to earn more Independently.


seyram performs at alliance francais

This is the most popular way of making cash as an artist. You are not Beyoncé or Kendrick Lamar to go on major city tours. You are not Drake to sell out arenas. You are not Sarkodie to sell out the Apollo Theatre but you can make enough cash to quit your day job, pay bills, take care of the family and splurge on some new clothes.

Good music and a good manager is all you need and your Fridays and Saturdays will be your payday. If you have a hit song, a club tour is all you need. Imagine hitting 10 clubs on Friday and Saturday, to perform your hits and hanging out with your fans for 500 cedis per club. That’s 5,000 cedis a weekend. If your manager is good enough to repeat for one more week, you are making 10,000 cedis a month; you are richer than most white coloured workers challe.


music licensing

This is relatively unknown in Africa but one of the biggest ways to rake in 5 figures yearly. All you need is a good licensing deal or a business driven manager (or me), good music and your mobile money details (lol). There are companies who need music to promote their products. There are movies, TV and radio programmes that need music for their jingles.

The right connect will make you super rich without being super famous. Example, imagine the money Airtel -Tigo is paying Magnom to use his major single for their new campaign. Oh and make use of Colour Ring deals from Telecommunication networks.


artists merchandising

You have a fan base. People support your music and craft. Have a strong team to bring in more fans and do some merch sales. T-shirts, keyholders, jewelleries, phone cases, hats and other merchandises can pull in insane amount of revenue for you. Imagine if Fancy Gadam is able to sell customized phone cases. He could make 4 figures monthly from just merchandises. Use this opportunity yo!


music endorsement

You need to have a commercial worthy music, a good team, a good buzz and a good manager. More like licensing deals but much sweeter. If you’re able to broker an awesome deal, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. It might be a phone deal, drinks, food, apparel or even be the face of a company.

Joey B is just wearing all the (quality) Adidas he can wear in addition to some cash during the deal to promote the brand. And don’t get me started on Stonebwoy and Tommy Hilfiger. Sweet right?


Not very popular or much profitable like the other deals but it’s very rewarding. You can do your music and write music for artists or ghost write for a rapper. Usually song writers make good money, gain fame and share in revenue and awards. Even though ghost writers don’t share in revenues and awards, they’re paid much more to keep quiet. Sweet deal if you ask me.


music streaming

The world is evolving. CDs are officially dead and digital sales are having an extinct prediction. Streaming is the new wave. Not very strong in Africa but eventually we will catch up to it. Take opportunity of this revenue stream. Monetize your YouTube, sign on to Pandora, Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, Shazam and other streaming services. Together you can make some good cash monthly.

So there you have it, if your music is good and you’ve been able to accumulate a sizable fan base who trust and dedicated to you, follow these streams and smile all the way to the bank. Long Live Ghana Music

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