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Darkovibes Ready To Leave La Meme Gang, Does He Have The Guts?

Darkovibes has been able to create a strong brand for himself which he cal actually branch out of la meme gang on his own. Letting go means a bigger career for himself but can he do that effortlessly? Check this short piece

I always see “La Meme gang” as the Odd Future of Africa. They’re made up of rappers, singers, creative artists and producers which makes them a formidable team in Ghana. Nxrth has and will always be the wiz on the board, RJZ being the head of the gang, $pacely being the wild card, Darkovibes being the dark angel and the rest of the crew.

If you’ve been to any of their performances, you’d be tranced by an electrifying form of superlative creativity and that’s a different form of wowzers on its own. But my focus is on Darkovibes. I haven’t been particular on him till recent times. My favorite has always been RJZ. Rjz has been the spearhead to why people pay close attention to La Meme Gang. He has released 2 albums, released the best videos and is on the tabloids more. But what about Darkovibes?

Darkovibes has being able to curate a name for himself and its no joke. Last year presented the wonder kid with¬† more opportunities ever imagined. His collaboration with Joey B changed everything for him. he became more wanted by others, he grew in fan bases and branding. His iconic blonde hair became his prime image and his music became more critically acclaimed and commercially accepted. “Siamese” became a critical jam and Tomorrow banged itself in the radio airwaves.

But are we always going to have the “Darkovibes” always attached to La Meme Gang or the guy who finally soars. Now loyalty to brotherhood is priceless. Darkovibes feel indebted to the crew and that’s acceptable. But we need more Darkovibes. Rjz can’t the only head here. Darkovibes is also needed everywhere.

Is he scared of what would become of him when he leaves? For a crew that’s all about freedom of creativity, being trapped in loyalty is a b***h. The year has begun; Darkovibes is on the critical list. Personally I feel breaking out completely will be the beginning of a huge, promising and rewarding career for the wonderkid.

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