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Influence Brewed In Music – The TBAG Theory

Get familiar with the newest rap talent; TBAG. A name music fanatics will never forget...

Music has a strong form of power attached to it. When its good, it gets you the influence. I have seen what music can do to people. I have seen people turn to activists, decipherers, rioters and even political movers.

I have seen people defend their favorite artists even when they go wrong, I have seen people cry just by seeing their favorite artist perform and I have seen artist winning the hearts by just their musical influence. When it comes to the power it possesses, music tends to simplify the complex minds. And no one can ever deny that power.

For many years, the southern belt of Ghana has been the throne of music. Accra has being the seat. Most foreign acts have performed in the capital and many have asserted the point that, for your music to be a nation wide hit, it needs to capture the hearts of the southern scene. Unfortunately enough, less is said about music in the Ga land.

The Ga population is known for their strong love for the night life. Partying is the wave. From birthdays to funerals, the “lit-ness” of the party scene can force one to relocate to the town. But that can’t be said for Ga originated artists.

Tinny held the mantle for very long and we are having a few keeping the torch burning. These artists have sacrificed a chunk to keep the Ga side buzzing. But one name has stood out recently and has not stopped buzzing loud.

Fred Danquah, also known as T Bag has surprisingly taken over the wave and isn’t showing signs of stopping soon. The Donzylar Record artist was first heard when he dropped his début video, Jordan and gave curious minds something to think of.

A few tracks here and there released afterwards but his defining moment got drawn when he released “Akuffo Addo” on the first week of January. I was part of the first group of people to hear the track during the listening session and I knew this song was bound to elevate his status from an upcoming act to a mainstream competitor.

The Skillis Beats produced masterpiece compared himself to the recently elected president of Ghana; a position he has placed himself in a position enviable by lots of artists. And as the music said, he’s poised to rule Ghana. His eclectic wordplay and delivery combined with the mix of the language brands him as a different form of act and that’s what 2017 needs now.

On top of it all, he released a street video (which seems to be a recent trend of 2017 music) which was well-directed and shot. He showed his influence and powerful assertion to the game and his prime followers and team backing his glory.

His recent performance at the 4syte easter bash got people talking and wishing for more. But I have a theory for this. Will “Akuffo Addo” be the turning point for T bag’s career? I believe this is a fact. Being an up and coming artist comes with the pressure of making a statement.

A statement that would either make or unmake your career and I believe he has broken through the first phase. He’s poised for “musical politics” of influencing and winning at the long run.
Will T bag solidify his start? Can he breeze through with another superficial masterpiece, stronger than “Akuffo Addo”? Only time will tell…

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