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bigBen Drops ‘Money’ Featuring Manifest

bigBen has released his 3rd single titled 'Money' featuring Ghanaian award-winner rapper; Manifest and produced by bigBen.

bigBen a name so unfamiliar to our Industry now, and a name we feel will be making lots of record hits. How many Manifest features do you know, how many are Ghanaian? I’m trying to count now and it’s really few…

Getting a feature from the GodMc is like getting Unicorn blood; bigBen getting a feature from the God Mc now is like his bow didn’t miss that one unicorn he’s been after all his life, and with that said you should know the hunters skills as well, it’ll always take a super skilled hunter to track down a unicorn and be able to pin it down with an arrow.

bigBen has dropped two singles in our knowledge so far and they are “Madina” and “Princess”. On both singles he has shown his vocal and lyrical prowess which I will say is hard for a lot of artistes around here… bigBen is in his zone and he delivered his 110% on the song.

‘Money’ is a song that talks about the highs of the ‘Currency’ and also what ‘the currency’ gets people to do. The lyrics from the start to the end talk a lot about the greatness you can achieve with the currency power and elaborates a little on why currency becomes the doom of the masses…

“Money na blessing, money na curse” this alone talks a lot. If you can’t control the flame or put it out you get burnt, That’s the simplest to explain this. bigBen our new-found Indie Afrosoul Artist that drops his soul on every single song Wrote this with a lot of Life experiences.

You can hear all this from his lyrics… LoudsoundGh will definitely call him for an in-depth interview on this song… Moving on to the GodMC, M.anfest the most prolific Music writer around these parts… He centered his topic on concept as usual, he wrote about the highs and lows of The Currency power…

Lyrics like “You afford me new whips and a goldfish, love loving you but you poisoning my whole clique” talks about the good and the bads of the Currency. M.anifest talked about the problems money brings even between best friends with this line that says “was it you that came between Bob Marley and Peter Tosh? “. This shows his resentments and him questioning the currency of its prowess at the same time.

This is a Masterpiece from bigBen and Manifest. This is the Beginning of bigBen and we definitely know that from this, he got a lot of tricks up his sleeves we should look out for… Listen and share your reviews as well in the comments section below…

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