Kwabskasa out with ‘Regulate Your Ex’ featuring Niella

Kwabskasa has released a thought-provoking piece he calls 'Regulate Your x' featuring Niella and done on GMO cover.

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Kwabskasa is a spoken word artiste who talks about current situations in our society covering topics such as social ills, failed systems, unemployment and more… This new piece he titled ‘Regulate Your Ex’ featuring Niella, hits on a relationship which involves an Ex.

‘Regulate Your Ex’ spells out the open truth most people in a relationship seem to pretend not to see because most times, people get the Jealousy tag when they make mention of it or express their fears. This beautiful piece simply talks about the how an Ex can hurt a relationship.

Kwabskasa expressed his feelings mathematically (Using mathematical terms) which gave the song done on the GMO cover, a unique blend of creativity. What’s the value of your ex? Get your answers right and download this masterpiece! Free download below..

DOWNLOAD (Regulate Your Ex)


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