Abena Rockstar – MAFIA (EP) Free Download

Abena Rockstar is the new rap sensation, and has unleashed a new EP dubbed 'MAFIA' (May All Fears Inside Abort)

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Abena Rockstar unleashed her new EP dubbed “MAFIA” (May All Fears Inside Abort) a 6 track project which basically defines the sensational Femcee and introduced her to all rap fanatics across Ghana and the world.

Abena revealed to Loud Sound GH that, she has tried to release a project for a long time but kept drawing back because she felt they weren’t good enough to let them out. Looking for the perfect production to get them out there is what has kept her away from the music world all these while.

She has finally decided to release “MAFIA” which is the acronym for “May All Fears Inside Abort” when she got to understand that, art isn’t perfect… She has therefore driven her fears about not having a perfect work away and presented us with an awesome and powerful work!

This begins Abena Rockstar’s music journey and she is here to stay. The tape displays lyrical prowess, talks about her personal life, addresses social issues and what she has been through on her music journey. Check out the full EP below and download.



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