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5 Laws From the 48 Laws of Power (Explained For Artistes)

5 Laws out of the popular 48 Laws of Power explained to suit up and coming artistes in Ghana.

I know a lot of people might have come across the “48 Laws of Power” written by an American author known as Robert Greene. This happens to be his first book written in 1998 and very popular among prison inmates and celebrities. He has written other great books like Mastery, The 33 Strategies of War, The 50th Law, just to mention a few.

Many up and coming artistes in Ghana have access to this book but find it hard to apply to their careers; maybe because of the examples cited by the author. I have decided to re-explain 5 points that Ghanaian artistes can relate to and understand them better.

DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way claiming ownership for the contents in the book and do not intend to misinterpret the author if that should be the case. This is how I understand what the book says and explaining them in my own words. All Examples, names and places mentioned in this article are for reference purposes only and no harm intended.

Never Outshine The Master

This is my favourite law and I think everyone should know why you don’t have to try dethroning the person who has more power and in charge. It’s absurd for an up and coming artiste to throw jabs at a mainstream artiste who has more command over his fans and the little the up and coming artiste has.

Until you can rub shoulders with that person, achieve what he has achieved, control as much fans as he does and get recognized as he is, anything you try is suicide. What you need to do, is to make that person feel superior but making sure you don’t become a slave to him. Don’t try displaying the awesome stuffs you can do since that will mean “Competition”. Appear as a learner to kill his fear and insecurity.

Make him feel he is in a “Comfortable Lead” and tap knowledge from him. Before you realize, you have acquired all his tricks. The more you make that person feel he is the “Boss”, the more he will be comfortable with opening up to you and teaching you stuffs like his apprentice. Taking over that person will be easier for you and it’ll happens naturally.

Avoid Negative People

To grow up as a successful person, you DON’T need negative people around you. A handful of positive people is way better than millions of negative people who claim they are part of your journey. Make no room for negative people because the have nothing to offer… All they do is kill your spirit and spread negative energy around you which will distract your focus.

People say haters motivate; but I think positive people motivate you positively; and that is exactly what you need. Celebrities block people on social media because it’s the right thing to do when that person constantly has nothing positive to say about them.

Identify negative people and block them from seeing your stuffs and replace them with people who are more interested in the positive sides than the negative. Make room for critics who points out your faults without making you feel worthless.

Know who you are dealing with. Don’t offend the wrong person.

Most up and coming artistes dig their own graves before they die. When you are a young artiste who need the services of bloggers to get your messages out there, make sure you never step on their toes. Never disrespect a blogger no matter how small the blog is. You never know how connected he is to other bloggers and if he is well-connected, a lot of them might stop the support or cut their efforts.

Before you show someone how disrespectful you are, be sure that person won’t ever appear on your journey to success or doesn’t play a role in the field you find yourself. This law goes all round… From Bloggers, Music Producers, Radio presenters, and almost anyone who has something to do with entertainment or your passion.

Plan All The Way To The End.

This is something that gets most artistes stuck on their journey. Before you start a publicity stunt or anything that is targeting fame, think of the start, possible obstacles, what the people might think, if they will buy into it, and what happens after each step.

Most artistes just get the idea and execute without thinking of the possible setbacks. There is no game plan and they have no idea what to do after the first step is complete. Artistes need to sit down plan everything from start to end considering the possible “Yawa” and a plan B if the first plan fails. Don’t sit there an assume people will fall for anything. Not everybody is stupid…

Make Your Accomplishments Seem Effortless.

Making people believe that, the awesome stuffs you do just flow naturally with no effort, makes them appreciate you even more and respect you for it. People shoot top-notch music videos and tell the world the video was shot in hours and editing done in just a couple of days. People hear these things and imagine what they can do if they invested more time.

I have heard a lot of international celebrities saying they don’t write their rap verses… Please don’t fall for it and call yourself a “Freestyle Artiste”. Anything you do off-head has a bit or a lot of nonsense in it. But when you hear a song which is obviously written and rehearsed before recording; and that artiste tells you “I heard the beat, I felt it, and jumped into the booth… Within 30 minutes, a banger is out“, you will see that person as a God. Sometimes you have to lie or exaggerate for people to respect your hard work.

Don’t make people develop the perception you worked extra hard to get something done. The effort invested before something comes out is considered when judging the final outcome. Someone using 5 days to paint a “Perfect” image isn’t respected like the one who used 5 hours to paint a “Good” image. They assume the latter would have done far better when given 5 days.


These are 5 laws out of the 48 I think up and coming artistes in Ghana can pay attention to and apply them well to have a structured career. Always have a game plan and make sure your image isn’t tarnished when you are applying any of these laws… Showbiz is like a reality show and most things you see or hear are acting.

You may leave your questions or thoughts in the comment box below…

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