2Fresh4God Out With Music Video for ‘Mawuli’

Sensational urban gospel music duo known as 2Fresh4God have released an awesome and mind-blowing music video for their hit single 'Mawuli' directed by XBills Ebenezer of Express Philms.

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2Fresh4God are the most relevant and active urban gospel duo in Ghana and they’ve been accepted whole-heartedly by the Christian community and the urban world. The music video for ‘Mawuli’ is one of the most captivating urban gospel music videos to hit our screens.

The music video for ‘Mawuli’ saw 2Fresh4God in their urban mood and preaching the gospel of God to people in pain, those who lost hope in life and those giving up. The energy demonstrated in the music video is enough to wake someone from their sick-bed!

XBills Ebenezer did well with mixing the urban with the gospel; and it’s beautiful to see both “realms” merge peacefully into one awesome music video. The costumes, background and pictures are lit! This is the new era of Gospel music championed by these talented duo! Watch music video below…

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