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Lyrics: Flowking Stone – State Of The Rappers Address (SORA)

These are the lyrics for Flowking Stone's "State Of The Rappers Address" (SORA) Produced by Tubhani.

Flowking Stone – State Of The Rappers Address (#SORA) Lyrics

Grrrrrrr (RapFam) (Black Republic)
F L O W K I N G (Yo! What time is it?)
Denswag (Tubhani Muzik)
Hear it up!!

Who’s on the MIC right now?? (Hahaa)
Everybody now,
Who’s on the MIC right now? (Already know)
Uhhhh! Hahaa…


Massa, mese y’adi SALA awie, nti ɛnnyɛ BEEF nti na me wɔ ha,
Nanka NAMKWAASENII nni hwee na ɛnnyɛ ne SEKAN massa,
Killing emcees bi my hobby,
Nso me main aim ne sɛ mɛma me fans no ayɛ happy,
FRESH boy nso haters hu me SAMAN, abi senior,
Sɛ m’annkɔ Prempeh College koraa anka still meyɛ SENIOR,
Eleven(11) years ago na yɛ starti dropi HITS,
2 0 1 6, still we dey sheeeeee,
FIREBONDEM and Many More.
Flowking is soo dope,
Since black and white photos,
Meyɛ CAR a anka meyɛ VOLVO,
Oh joooo,
Yɛ droppi heavy punches, nnwom no kyɛ
Ɛnnye menndi, monitor simple, wobɛte ne ne (W’annte?)
I – WI, na ɛyɛ six(6) years ago,
Afei na ɛbi ate aseɛ (oooh!)
The game is getting EXCITING,
Obiara se ɔno na ɔyɛ the BEST, interesting,
One thing, are we discussing RAP or ACHIEVEMENT,
BATTLE or BEEF, soso Confusion,
They are living in ILLUSION,
Soldier on a Mission,
My order be my VISION,
Mene obiara nni competition,
My cedi be huni,
Kumasi be running,
Nti barima ɛmmbɛ ha me,
I’m really determined,
M’akilli mo number 1 nti na ɛma mode mo anibrɛ bɛsoɛ me so dea


Who’s on the Mic right now (Wo boa koraa) STONE
On the MIC right now, S T O N E,
Who’s on the MIC right now, S T O N E,
On the MIC right now, S T O N E


In the absence of the TRUTH, LIES is the first,
Absence of the better best, who is the BEST?
Every bro ein best (yes),
Nso ɛmmerɛ no so a, you no go need BINOCULARS to see who the realest is (Flowking),
Ɛnnyɛ ɔmo FAULT, ano bore,
Illiteracy no yɛ more,
Nti analysis no yɛ poor,
Obi ate PUNCH asɔ ne JAW,
Seisei NONFA no ayɛ bunch,
Mese punch nti ɔmo toto gum kɛkɛ,
But e no dey make sense bruh,
Since I came in the GAME,
It has never been the same,
All the RAPPERS who are lame wanna learn wordplays, certain things that I bring,
But I still remain the KING,
Charle, boy no sɛe adwene (F L O W K I N G),
The only time smaller gods put a KING in chains is when the god of the king is a lesser god
Charle, kings no be God, smaller gods no be kings,
But my God is King,
I no dey worship IDOLS (AMEN)

Who’s on the Mic right now, S T O N E
On the MIC right now, S T O N E,
Who’s on the MIC right now, S T O N E,
On the MIC right now, S T O N E


Soo many came, soo many left
Still STONE be the KING of the GAME,
Nevertheless, I be the BEST,
Nyame na ɔde akyɛ me, nti make you never dey vex,
Frɛ me, the punch and flow and the lyrical affairs,
M’approve no over the years,
Flow yɛ BLESS,
Mopɛ sɛ mo dane no CURSE,
Afei deɛ mo se meyɛ THREAT,
Nti mo pɛ sɛ mewu ansa na mo adeclare,
Aberɛ a mo nim nokware,
Ghana rapper bɛn na ɔtumi de n’ano bɔ mo ntwene a ɛka nyansasɛm,
Mo hu me wɔ tele a,
Me punches yɛ heavy,
Me lyrics yɛ valley, sɛ Macaveli,
They tell me STONE deɛ wo level deɛ EMINEM na ɔbɛtumi abattle,
But still ɔbɛfa bi
Mɛdi mo so till AMAGEDON,
sɛ me de flow a get it on,
Seisei deɛ neɛ ɛhia me ne sɛ mede bɛgye me sika and many more,
Rappers hu me sɛ CARNIVORE,
Nso mmaa no feeli me sɛ salvadore,
Deɛ ɔnnkɔ ɛpo da no, ɔno na ɔde ne nsa si ne bo sɛ TECH POOL mu dɔ,
I’m going and killing it,
I’m making them feeling it,
Afei deɛ ɔmo agye m’adi, hail me,
Ɛnɛ mede m’ano na ɛbɛ ma mo abelieve,
Ɔmo dede no na ɛbɛma w’aso asi,
Mɛyɛ no quality, GRAMMY mentality,
The versatility runs in a family,
Te sɛ the boy a mennim leggɛs ,sɛ Obi se quality over popularity (oooh)

#HOOK (2x)
Who’s on the Mic right now, S T O N E
On the MIC right now, S T O N E,
Who’s on the MIC right now, S T O N E,
On the MIC right now, S T O N E

Even if we no be FAM (we no be fam),
You for still call me B.R.A,
B.R.A, that is not for senior,
Best Rapper Africa (B.R.A)



Written by: Owura Safo
Edited by: RAS Peter

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