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Letter To Sarkodie (Written By Cecil Tamakloe)

I have had most of your loyal fans coming after me tagging me as a hater & it sure is to me a misguided attack.

I am honestly one of the few people who have really followed your career with a genuine state of mind because of what I believe you can do. From that moment when you were officially outdoored by Bola Ray at Trade Fair center during the old school reunion when you were up on stage with Kunta of Bradez fame & Kochoko of Mobile Boyz fame.

Through to the moment when you got featured on Edem’s tune “You dey Craze” to the time D-Cryme came with you on stage with a clock in hand while we clocked you twist, & many more moments of proving your lyrical dexterity & mind-blowing style of rap…

Without fear nor favour, I can say you became that breakthrough for the rap game, I loved your personality and resilience and undoubtedly that brought you this far with consistency to become that singular force to reckon with in the industry…

No wonder the people crowned you king, but you know, when a gladiator proves his strength in the arena, he attains the privilege of being chosen to lead an army to fight other lands and not to fight his fellow gladiators anymore… he turns to help them with the skills to take them out of just being gladiators into becoming soldiers fighting for the land.

See, he who continues to hold on to the crown of kingship and doesn’t think of rising above that crown in the land of warriors only puts himself up for endless challenge and in time he’ll be dethroned and made less of. I believe its time you grew away from rapping to prove your worth and your wealth and start rapping about the worth of your people, the wealth of your nation & continent as whole & your culture.

It’s high time you stepped out of the arena and started a campaign; it’s high time you stopped the self-centred rap and focus on issues. You’ve grown from the dirtiest of struggles into becoming the shining star, you’ve grown to become an easy tool of the voice of the voiceless, you’ve got that following that is willing to listen to you.

I feel its time you speak to the world about what they don’t know or what they pretend not to know & make them know you’ve got the voice that the people listen to and how you can speak to and for the oppressed… It’s high time you got off that kingship throne & took that legendary spot & to do that, you need to deliver contents that will immortalise your works.

You need to talk about things that exist day in day out that will surely be there even when you’re gone, so even when you go and the next generation pick your songs to listen to, they can still relate. I wish you’ll minimise the talks about your persona & how your riches have become untouchable because the fact is majority of your listeners are not the ones who want to battle you over your riches but people who just want to know they’re still loved & appreciated by people of the status you’ve attained…

They are the ones who need to be given hope & encouragement & not indirectly mocked by their deprived status. It’s for these reasons that I seem not to be feeling your style anymore because you’re way past the level you still keeping yourself. You need to outgrow that stage. you’re no more in the competition so stop putting yourself there because you’re giving your status a stunted growth in your attempt to still make others see you as that only rapper Ghana has to offer.

You should make yourself be more than just a rapper with your lyrics, you should evolve into something more with your rap. There’s more to say but time will not permit me; but I pray, hope and believe that, you’ll get hold of this somehow and you’ll make contrary meaning of it far from what most of your fans will make of it without seeking deep understanding of it with an attack programmed state of mind from the plan of just supporting you and fighting anything that doesn’t seem to fully glory you.

If you do read this, then thanks for your audience. Wish you all the best in your successful carrier & Let’s together help build The African Dream. Peace out.

Written by Cecil Tamakloe

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