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Ghanaian Male Celebs Need To Work On Their Wardrobe.

Celebrities in Ghana especially the male artistes have very bad taste when it comes to their approach to Fashion. They copy wrongly and embarrass us wherever they find themselves.

There’s a saying that goes like ‘dress the way you want to be addressed’, The way Our male artistes and celebrities dress mostly is nothing to write home about.  It’s like they only concentrate on the music and promotions so much they forget their appearance is part of the package as well.

I’m not sure most of them have stylists or people around that even pick out clothes for them to wear or advice them on what’s best to buy and wear, You see musicians showing up in videos and On TV in clothes that don’t fit their acts or add to their brands in any way.

There’s this other fashion trend that has gone on which I think is brand and career killing… You can’t be a Ghanaian artiste with no affiliation with any Foreign Gang or crew but be wearing their crew lines in your videos and Tv appearances. Question is, what are you trying to send out there, are you promoting that crew’s fashion line or you’re trying to promote yourself?

It doesn’t take a lot of money to get clothes that make you stand out in your appearances in public and on set, you just need the right fashion sense or get a stylist to do that for you. With this said, I know a lot of Up and coming acts will go like “But I can’t afford a stylist” and the answer to that question is, Have you asked that very close friend of yours that always dresses great with little money and effort to help you out pick clothes?

By doing this you’re creating a career for them as well somehow cos when they dress you good and you acknowledge them in your shoots and public appearances some other act might seek their services hence making it a business opportunity for them.

The fashion flaw in our Music Industry especially the male side is something that has bothered me for ages and I feel its time to share my opinion on it, just as you spend on recording, making videos and promo, so should you spend on clothing and appearance as well… They all go hand in hand…

A unique Fashion sense or appearance might get you that blow up you want. I don’t want to mention names but we all know some few artistes that made it mainstream or better still crossed borders not just because of their music alone but their fashion sense as well.

And also hammering on the mainstream acts, its high time they let go of wearing inferior goods out there to clown us overseas… There’s been incidents where our artistes have been laughed at by our neighboring countries for their choice of clothing. Instead of checking what they wear, they rather pay for the inferior version of some clothing brands.

All these go a long way to add to your package as a musician. Will you like to be known as the guy that keeps wearing the fake version of everything and doesn’t have a fashion sense or you’ll rather like to be known as that guy with great fashion sense, the guy that always stands out when it comes to his closet game and that decent musician? The Choice is Your’s to make. Your comments are welcome…

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