Watch: Teephlow Releases Music Video for ‘New Era’

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Teephlow has ushered us into the new Era of Ghana music with a neat music video directed by the creative Salifu Abdul Hafiz.

‘New Era’ was released by Teephlow in 2016 when the lyrical wars making headlines in the music scene. In the song, Teephlow addressed sensitive issues and pleaded with Sarkodie and Manifest to end the lyrical wars since the negative effects seems to weigh more than the positive effects. Aside the message the song has, Teephlow displayed a Top-Notch lyrical dexterity!

When I saw that Salifu Abdul Hafiz directed this music video, I knew right away that, it’s going to be worth watching! The pictures are neat and concept tally with every single rap verse in the song. This is what I call a Music Video! I believe Teephlow has invested a lot in this music video and that will also mean his taste in regards to music video has taken a more professional approach.

Teephlow graduated from the Last 2 Camp in the latter part of 2016 and we heard he has a 4 year management deal with Spyder Lee Entertainment. The people of Ghana got to know the real Teephlow last year and I think this is the year to properly exhibit his God-given talent. We foresee a great year for Teephlow! Check out the music video below and let’s wait for what he has for Ghana.