Watch: Soulja Boy Nearly Got Beaten In Compton

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Souljay Boy decided to display his toughness in the streets of Compton and he actually had it tough! He was only trying to show Chris Brown how “Hood” he is!

So, in the past week, social media was all about Soulja Boy and Chris Brown. They exchanged jabs on instagram and twitter back and forth. The whole issue sounds funny but things just got real when Souljah Boy tried to scare Chris Brown with his street credibility. He tried recording a video in the streets of Compton for people to see how “Hood” he is and probably to show how the streets love him.

For those who were following the whole story, this is how it began… Soulja Boy liked an Instagram picture of Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karreuche Tran and later posted a video on Instagram saying Chris Brown “Facetime” him and wants to fight him because he (Soulja Boy) liked Karreuche Tran’s picture. That is when Chris Brown replied with a video saying Soulja lied about that and rather the opposite. He backed it with a screenshot to prove it.

Long story short, both kept exchanging jabs on social media until Soulja Boy nearly got whipped in Compton. He then made a video to apologize to everyone and said he did that because his Mother is in the hospital… Still doesn’t make sense right? A woman who claims to know Soulja Boy personally close to 10 years, revealed to TMZ that, Soulja is the kind of person who loves drama and loves attention. So lets just assume playing his cards back to fame backfired! Watch the video below.


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