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Opinion: Most Ghanaians are Hypocrites and it’s annoying

Most Ghanaians have strange ways of reacting to issues. At one time, they will applaud someone who uses sensitive words freely and publicly and they will bash another person for doing half of what the first person did…

Are some people more human than others? I ask in the sense that, we sometimes treat same issues differently in respect to who’s involved and this is so unfair. Hypocrisy could actually be at play but then it’s just too much. We were the same people in this country when videos of a teenager went viral and then the nation went in her favour.

So many people defended her and she even picked an award because she boldly stated she taught her ex boyfriend how to have s*x. She stood before all of us and called us, “Malafaka“. We smiled and echoed it back. She won our heart. We were happy to have gotten our own Kardashian. We even called the act a great talent and that parents should bring their kids up in the way they want and not count on anyone in the society to be their role model.

We’ve forgotten that a child belongs to the community and so we all are responsible in bringing one up. Also, in any way we help in shaping someone, the person gives back by the way they treat us. If the child becomes a deviant, we all played a part in that and so we bear the consequences. Well, last year probably closed that chapter and so we’re in a vibely fresh year given by nature God and then we’re seeing new things.

On the first day of the year, Afia Schwarzenegger uploaded a picture of her husband and herself and said a few things since it was his birthday.
However, this act seem not to have gone down well with us. She is still being heckled because the image wasn’t a ‘holy’ one and our society probably frowns on such things… so funny huh? Some said she’s copying the West and bla, bla, bla.

What I don’t understand is whether the image is actually not nice or because it is yet to be nominated for any award or she is too old for such things? Better still, we’re waiting for her to get divorced and use the image to rain insults and curses on the man and then we take pity on her or she should also become a “brack” beauty and talk about how many boxers she bought for her husband and the styles she displays for him when they are in bed?

I think it’s about time we approach issues with honesty and know the effects of what we are about to support before we do. The hypocrisy must stop!

Written by Lammy Gates for LoudSoundGH

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