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How To Blow Up As an Up and Coming Artiste in Ghana

It is every up and coming artiste’s dream to shoot up to fame and become popular and considered for award nominations. The question is how can an artiste become popular?

If you are here reading this, I believe you are an artiste, an artiste manager or a music enthusiast who wants to know how others become the talk of town. A lot of people have answered this question at its last stage forgetting about the root of it all. In Ghana for instance, The “Best Rapper” award goes to the one who’s good at rapping and has lots of followers. The “Best Song” award is given to the song that made waves over a period of time.

You can all agree with me that, the concept or the message in the song isn’t really put into consideration. But of course, it has to be a good song which most people like. As an up and coming artiste, your first target would be the “New Discovery” category. You know you do good music but you never appear in that “Discovery” list even though a lot of people have commended you and appreciate your talent.

One thing you should always remember is that, in Ghana, there is nothing like “Discovery” in real sense. “Discovery” in Ghana means you have your head above the waters and people can clearly see you. if you are still swimming with your head underwater, you are way below the discovery lenses. So what is the solution? It’s simple! Swim with your head above the waters and get closer to those lenses.

All you need to do is to become the talk of town and all lenses are pointed to your direction. Becoming the talk of town has lots of approaches. Some become the talk of town through controversial acts and others through thought-provoking stunts. These 2 options have their disadvantages and advantages. It’s either you succeed or you fail totally and forgotten.

The most safest way to become the talk of town is to work on your fan base. A fan base to me, means people who like what you do today, and stay for more. Some artistes start getting “Cocky” when they have a few hundreds of LIKES on their posts on social media. That is not right! Interact with them, entertain them, and of course present them with good music when it’s appropriate. Don’t push new songs into their throats every 2 days because they are available (A time will come when you can dish out 5 songs a day and it’s ok with them)

For a start, treat them like Flowers… If water them to many times, they might die and if you don’t water them at all, they die too. Be considerate and know your balance. Create groups on social media, Whatsapp groups, fan clubs, and any way you can gather some few people. It takes time to have a good fan base so never give up. It could take 6 months to a year to gather a good number of people who are really interested in what you do.

Building a fan base is the first step to fame. When people start talking about you and constantly sharing your stuffs, you are one step closer to fame. But don’t forget that, your music must have impact on the people… Good music attract more people! Keep your eyes here for more tips on how to become the talk of town and get discovered. If you know of other ways to build a good fan base, please share with us in the comment box.

Written by Mr Aborga for LoudsoundGh.com

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