Koinx Presents ‘Back To The 90s’ EP (Full Download)

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As promised, rap artiste; Koinx has released the ‘Back To The 90s’ EP.

Koinx decided to take us back into time with his début EP and basically making a priceless comparison between the Hiphop of Today and the ones from the 90s. He acknowledged some of the big names in Hiphop back then, and these are people I believe he grew up listening to as a rapper.  The 7 track EP (Including Intro) takes us to an era we can never forget.

The EP featured Richie from Tanzania and Qliq Express who produced the EP. The song titled “Black-African (Mzalendo)” which features Richie from Tanzania; a fast rising Hip-Hop Artist, will break grounds in the music arena. The song tells the secret of Africa, the strength in black people and Africanism. So in all, this is a full package hiphop lovers will love. Listen and download free EP below and leave your comments…

Download (Back In The 90s) EP


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