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A Friendly Letter To Dj Slim of YFM Kumasi

This is a friendly letter written by me Mr. Aborga to bring Dj Slim of YFM (Kumasi) back to reality. As an advocate for equal rights and respect for young artistes, I feel the need to write this friendly letter is necessary. So here you go Slim…

Dj Slim! Challe, I want start this letter by saluting you first, and making you aware of how much I respect your level of creativity. I mean, I heard your name and my dumb self thought you are a slim person until someone showed me your picture and I’m like “Ohhh mehn this guy is clever!“. That sarcastic twist you did with your nickname is marvelous! I mean you have some excess weight but they call you Slim? WOW! Salutes once again…

But this letter is actually about something else. You know, when you have power and at a certain position in life, you feel like you should make people aware and constantly reminding them of who you are. It’s normal especially with Ghanaians and I am not saying you are one of those people. Again, you know social media is a powerful and addictive tool. When you write a post and get some few “LIKES”, it feels good; but looking for ways to make that happen almost all the time, may lead you to doing something you might later regret… Don’t get me wrong though; I’m not saying you are like a 19 year old boy on social media.

Another thing I want to bring your attention to is that, everybody has the right to share opinions and entitled to it. This is why whatever you and Strongman said on radio about Medikal is not my problem at all… That is your opinion and you have the right to express them. My problem is how you are making a big deal out of nothing.

Medikal and his manager approached you at the Kumasi Airport and asked if you dissed Medikal on radio. Your answer was “NOT REALLY”… So Medikal said “Then you sell out” and “Sell out” means “Betrayal” (In case you didn’t know)… I don’t know what else you guys talked about after he said that, but you never gave the impression that you were not happy with what he said…

With your level of creativity, (I mean the Slim nickname thingy), you could have twisted the conversation, apologize and demand for an apology too instantly. Medikal is very respectful unless you mix the wrong “Chemicals”… You went through the hustle of getting Medikal’s number, begging him to grant you an interview; which he agreed because he doesn’t have anything against you.

Then, you get him on your show and you put him on the spot… He should apologize PUBLICLY for something he said PRIVATELY. I’m not sure about what you wanted to achieve by doing that; but, looks like you are trying to flex your muscles or make people know you have the power to command artistes anyhow you like. Medikal is not one of them Dj Slim… Now, you have successfully created the impression that, Medikal is disrespectful because, he refused to “kiss ass”.

The fact that you “promote” his songs doesn’t mean he is a slave to you bro… When you called him to arrange the interview, it would have been very matured on your part to make him apologize on the phone even before you get him on air. But because you know what you are up to, you lured the young star just to paint him black. Those little voices in your head need to be flushed out brother…

Just because you are getting few “LIKES” and Retweets, you kept talking about the issue and even found a nickname for him. I think you are not being fair challe. You were able to create an intelligent Nickname for yourself and all you could discover for a potential Grammy award winner is “Toothpaste”? Come ooon Slim… Are you proud of yourself? Are these the kind of things you pray to God for? Looking for the downfall of a young rapper who has worked so hard to make a headway in our rigid music industry? I don’t want to believe you are craving for attention; but that is what it looks like now… It has blinded you and you’ve lost focus.

You are now calling artistes to give them concepts to record a diss song to Medikal on your behalf. Very selfish of you bruh! You are destroying future connections between both artistes. It’s sad that, because they get few spins from you, they aren’t able to reject your request. You see the extent at which you are abusing your power as a radio presenter/DJ? “Everybody!!! I am in charge of songs promo on radio… Lick my toes or Kumasi won’t listen to your songs again” <<< That is how your actions sound now bro. And those laughing emoji doesn’t make your tweets and posts funny. This is not funny challe…

The “LIKES” and Retweets are like drugs… If you abuse it, it’ll destroy you eventually. Stop tapping fame from the young star and call him to apologize privately. You have no idea how hard this guy have worked to get to where he is only for you to spit on his brand deliberately… I think your scenario will make a good topic for an article…”Disadvantages of power and social media (The Slim concept)“… This is getting lengthy but I believe you’ve been snapped out of the 3 day social media fame by now. If you want respect, you give respect… (I tried to avoid bigger words so that, you don’t have to look for a dictionary back and forth)

Yours Friendly

Mister Aborga

PS: Don’t reply this… Just call Medikal and apologize and we good challe… And get a lighter in your life!

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