International Maverick – The Recipe (Music Video)

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Chicago Producer/Mc International Maverick is back to start the month of November with a brand new self produced video entitled ”THE RECIPE” shot and Directed by Work Nowitzki and Modest Goddess…

I guess it’s an international season! International Maverick basically gave us an expensive Recipe to his life and his winning attitude. How he stays on top and souring; is what you are about to witness and learn from this music video. The self-produced song is made to stimulate every hiphop head and get you nodding in agreement with those untouchable bars!

For some strange reasons, the music video was actually recorded in an environment where you will find food and vegetables and a Globe. I personally think that was thought-provoking and messes with your head in an intelligent way. I will assume the elevator scenes will mean how high he keeps moving up with his music career. Beautiful music video blessed with heavy and expensive bars! Watch, leave your comments and don’t forget to rate.


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