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Editorial: Amerado Rap Battle Was A Bad Idea :- Mr Aborga

Waiting to see Amerado engage in a lyrical bout with other up and coming artistes felt great and thrilling at the beginning; but the aftermath looks rather disappointing and regretful.

Some of the big names in the Ghanaian music scene, got popular through rap battles. Sarkodie is a perfect example of such artistes and his fans will forever have trust in him because he has proved he is lyrically endowed from day 1. It’s the wish of any up and coming artiste to have that kind of platform to display their lyrical might and musical talent.

When the opportunity came for Amerado to make good use of such platforms, I was very happy for him because, I knew it was time for Ghana to get familiar with him and embrace his super-talent. But how the bout was initiated affected the idea; and emotions took a larger part. There is a serious problem we keep ignoring but it’s very real. When an artiste comes from Kumasi and a native of Kumasi, we automatically go blind on that artiste no matter how talented the artiste is…

I say this because, people were furious and throwing personal attacks at Amerado after they heard that he said something like “There Are No Rappers In Accra“… Which is not entirely true. He was ready to rap battle anyone but he did not say it like that. Amerado did not know anything about the rap battle until the posters got out there (Heard that from trusted sources close to the Mic Burners Team). People are saying Amerado “Disrespected” Accra rappers when he said that and others said he is looking for “HYPE” (Only God Knows What That Means)

The whole issue was; a KUMASI rapper DISRESPECTING Accra rappers. Because of this, people are not paying attention to his lyrics anymore and his talent became invisible to them. Blogger, Entertainment critic and social media guru; David Mawuli, run a poll on his personal Facebook wall a couple of days ago asking people to rate Amerado’s new hiphop banger “Beast Attitude” and some of the comments were appalling. Apparently, you are considered a good rapper when you sound like their favourite artiste…

I think this rap battle thing brought Amerado hate than making people get familiar with his lyrics. To me, I think it was a huge mistake considering where he is coming from and the perception people already have about him no matter how good he is. People said he is not “Serious”… Really? What is he supposed to do? Rap for 3 hours or release a song almost everyday? He has lots of tracks done already and videos done as well. People, it’s about time we appreciate talent and stop the shallow hate especially on Kumasi-based artistes.

We as music lovers have a problem and we need to find a solution to it. It is killing fresh talents and choking our airwaves with the same old crap from the so called main-stream artistes! I bet any rapper from Accra can easily say “There are no rappers in Kumasi” and he or she will easily get away with it. This attitude must change people! Amerado is a great rapper and we all know that! Let’s give him the praise he deserves instead of showering hate on him for no sensible reason. Thank You For Reading through my rants! I really appreciate.

Written by Alfred Aborga for Loud Sound GH.

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