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List Of Artistes Who Have Silent Musical Wars Going On

A Healthy lyrical war a.k.a. ‘Beef’ is always thrilling and draws music lovers to judge their favourite artistes in regards to their lyrical dexterity. Ghana has experienced music or lyrical grudges since Hiplife came into existence.

There are some artistes in Ghana who are known to be undefeated when it comes to lyrical bouts because they are good and experienced at it. It will be a really long list if I start typing out names. In recent times, we have paid close attention to some songs from artistes who sounds like they have problems with other artistes…

I have discussed this issue with a couple of music bloggers and what they said was, they do such songs to prove their lyrical dexterity and tell listeners why they are the best among the rest. Some also said, they might really have issues with other artistes but won’t mention their names because they think it’s not worth it…

In this article, we will mention some artistes who sounds angry or emotional in their songs but fails to mention names of the people they are referring to… Below are names of some artistes who are constantly throwing jabs in their songs. This is based on our observations and the kind of lyrics these artistes unleash in their songs. Check the names below.


Since Adam, Sarkodie has been throwing jabs at rappers and constantly saying none of them can rap better than he does. Fast forward 2016, he released “Bossy” which started a whole lyrical war between him and Manifest. According to Jayso; who was featured on the song, Sarkodie wasn’t attacking Manifest on the track and wasn’t talking about EL as many speculated. The question is, who has been stepping on Sarkodie’s toes since he started rapping?


It is not surprising to hear EL constantly throwing shots at other rappers… The Hiphop culture welcomes such songs; and it is a great way to put yourself at the top. The hardest bars they say, gets you the crown… But EL throws jabs at artistes even on “non-hip hop songs”. His song “Kaa Bu Ame” is a dance-friendly music but, had a lot of strong messages in there. My point is, there is no need proving your lyrical dexterity in a commercial song as you may in a HipHop song. Who has EL been throwing all those Jabs at? It’s definitely not Sarkodie as people suspected (Including Me) because, they both had some collaborations. Who is taking all these jabs from the BAR??

Flowking Stone

At first, many people thought Flowking Stone had some musical beef going on with Sarkodie until they collaborated on the “Fire Bon Dem” remix… Even after that collaboration, people still think there is something going on between the 2 which I can boldly say isn’t true. But when I listen to some of his songs, I think there are some messages in there sent out to other artistes. It may be the usual hiphop music stuffs but, he has said in interviews that, some artistes started acting up because they (Bradez) were no more the talk of town since his brother fell sick. Even though he said he is not willing to address those issues in his song, we feel he talks about these issues in his songs. But who are these people?


He is known as the regular champion and also one of the Hiplife legends Ghana has ever known. There are GA rappers in Ghana; but Tinny tops all when we put lyrics and style into consideration. At times, he will mention names of people who step on his toes and sometimes keep us wondering who might have provoked him. Recent releases like “Who’s The Best Rapper” and “Ame Fee Dede” were clearly throwing shots at other rappers. But again, who are those people?

Pappy Kojo

The Fante Van Damme seem to have something deep going on. His reappearance in the music scene this year looks more like he’s bitter about something or someone. From “Nyame Bra” to “Van Damme” saw the rapper spitting some “colourful” verses and “degrading” someone (An artistes probably)… Rumors say he is no more in good terms with his music partner Joey B, and that might be the reason for his recent releases. We can’t confirm this; so the question is the same with him… Who is stepping on his toes?

If you know of any artiste constantly throwing jabs at other artistes without mentioning their names, please list them in the comment box… And if you know who the above mentioned artistes are “beefing” with, please let us know as well… (Written by Mr Alfred Aborga For Loud Sound Ghana)

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