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5 Things Up and coming artistes fantasize about

Many or most artistes fantasize about how things work once you’re mainstream or once you shoot to stardom, they mostly hold on to beliefs that most of their wildest dreams Will automatically come true once they are up there and that guarantees them a happily ever After.

Well it is not impossible to achieve your dreams but achieving them entails a whole lot than just hit songs, most of them refuse to acknowledge that Fact, being a relevant artiste and staying at the top entails a lot more hard work and perseverance. The goal should rather be to work really hard on all angles or all things that come together to make both your music and your brand a good one, you should record every single song like its your last and your best work and also be of major good behavior to attain all that…

Before we go on keep in mind that these five points raised or listed on artistes fantasies has nothing to do with your creative process, that’s absolutely sacred grounds.

  • I can Relax once I blow

Most artistes have this fantasy that once you’ve got a hit song or two you’re untouchable and you’re already mainstream so you can relax and just drop any song at all and folks will listen. It’s true once you get listeners attention they will stay for a while, this happens cos anytime a listener relates to your lyrical content or vibes with your  music  they have this illusion created in their head that all your works resonate same energies or vibes…

Or might tend to think they all have that same feel to it, hence if you’re a rapper and you maybe try out an Afro-pop jam and it gets you attention you should know it’ll be hard going back to your rap music and getting same attention. It might take a while or might not work at all… I’ll advice artistes stick to a particular style or master whatever they drop out there for folks to listen so their fame doesn’t become Short-lived.

If a Hip Hop song gets you listeners remember you now got hip-hop fans and you switching to maybe Afro-pop or any other genre might cost you your fans and vice versa. This also applies once you feel you’ve blown so you decide to drop anything, once your subsequent releases don’t match the quality or skill sets inculcated into your first hit song or the songs that brought you fame, your glory might be short-lived.

  • The fat Bank Account Illusion

Upcoming artistes always have this fantasy that once you ‘blow up’ it automatically comes with a fat bank account and luxuries… This is one of the major lies You keep telling yourselves, If Only you knew how hard it is to make cash even as a mainstream act and the financial struggles most of our mainstream acts go through on a daily you’ll rethink this part.

Being A music celebrity and Having a fat bank account are two different things, financial freedom depends on a lot of things like Your Management, Your Brand Endorsement deals and a whole lot. It’s true Fame walks hand in hand with wealth but you’ll need to put in work to attract the shows and Endorsements, to get your record selling and to even be successful on tour.

If you sign a shady record deal or get a management team that is not business oriented you might end up living “Hand to mouth” just as sarkodie said. Your songs could be having major airplay and you could be hoping on Major stages in the country and even out of the country but if your brand and management ain’t strong enough you’ll end up taking meagre cuts of the whole deal.

Not all the glitters we see is gold, most of our celebs go through these but they can’t be washing their dirty linens out for us all to see so they’ll rather cover it up with a purported style of living so we always think it’s all green on their side. It’s all part of the brand, there’s more to attaining financial freedom than just hit songs…

  • Tons of Women and s*x once I blow

This point is pretty interesting and mostly got to do with the male artistes. The “Tons of s*x” part is mostly true, I couldn’t agree any less. It’s true once you hit stardom you’ll get women flocking in and that leads to s*x obviously. What you should know is there Are a lot of ‘Kardashians’ out there waiting to feed off your fame and once you hit stardom you’ve got foes and competition,  they could use your weaknesses against you as well.

A lot of superstars have had their fare share of Sexual lawsuits due to their inabilities to control or regulate their s*x drive. Jumping on everything in skirt might not do so well for your brand and might also get you off track  hence might bring your career to a quick abrupt end.Your foes and competition could use It against you as well in many ways. With these few cases raised and even for the fact that it goes a long way to affect your financial state, I think we should all be giving this fantasy another thought…

  • Parties and Drugs

It’s true fame brings all these, once you’re at the top you get V.I.P passes to most parties and Drugs will sort of come cheap or even free most times…”It’s OK to be reckless once a while, after all a little party don’t hurt nobody”, these are  things artistes keep telling themselves once they are up there or get a shot at fame.

Well, a little fan hurts nobody but is it just going to end at little fan, will you be able to control yourself, have you thought of the health risks of doing drugs and also staying up all-night most of the time, do you know how far these can go to mess your career up. These are questions you should start asking yourselves as upcoming acts, if you already have drug problems you should be trying your best to suppress it or even quit it before it gets out of hand once you’re up there.

Drugs have gone a long way to mess up a lot of careers not only in the Music Industry. They could land you in a bad place like jail or get you involved in an accident. Also as an artiste,  hanging out all the time and making people see you all the time is usually bad for your brand, if I keep seeing you all the time why would I pay to go to your concert…

  • My Music is All I Need

Once you’re up there you need a lot of other things than just you doing great music,  you need to have a great relationship with others in the Industry such as presenters both on radio and TV so publicity will be easier, also creating a great brand.

Your looks should be unique to you, you should have some sort of identity that sets you apart, you’ll need a team behind your back, you’ll have to be able to interact with your fan base, show appreciation and keep being what you were that got you to Even reach your dreams in the first place. Like I said earlier, once you’re out there your work load doubles or even quadruples…

The need for upholding an image(Brand) that gets helps enlarge your fan base, if you don’t bring all these in you’ll just be stuck at where you are and might end up earning the title ‘Local champion’ or worse ‘Area Champion’  The Top is like a whole new level of work,  ignore all these and you’ll see your career crumbling into bits in no time…

In conclusion, always put these in mind whenever you let your fantasies get ahead of you.Reality isn’t always pretty but it does tend to work when applied properly, so go for it and all the best wishes in your Music Career… Please share if you find this useful.

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