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What We Have Learned From Jayso’s ‘PREACH’ Song

Few hours ago, Jayso released a surprise single titled ‘PREACH’ done on the “Take Over” cover… The rapper/producer went all out and lashed few artists on the song…

Listening to the song, this is what we visualized… Apparently, Jayso threw soft jabs at EL, Manifest and Sarkodie but went extra personal on Manifest. From what we heard, this song tells us that, Manifest was wrong to attack Sarkodie with a diss song because he knew Sarkodie had no intention to diss him. In the “Preach” song, Jayso revealed that, Manifest knew about Sarkodie’s “BOSSY” and he is aware Sarkodie gave him shouts on the song.

Now, Jayso claims Manifest betrayed their friendship and he is just looking for hype. Honestly, when Manifest released “god MC”, some of us were surprised because we did not hear verses in “BOSSY” pointing directly to him until Sarkodie mentioned his name at the latter part of the song. Well, lets just say Manifest got his own reason for squarely attacking Obidi on “god MC”

Jayso SkillionsNow, this is my issue with Jayso… Honestly, I am confused about what he is fighting for… So he deliberately teamed up with Sarkodie on the “BOSSY” song knowing very well that, some verses were pointing to EL. Initially, I thought he probably made the beat and a hook, gave it to Sarkodie and he (Sarkodie) decided what to do with it later. I could bet Jayso did not know the content of the song but, the song “PREACH” proved me wrong.

I think Jayso is also looking for Hype and attacking Manifest for the same sin he committed. He betrayed EL by supporting “BOSSY” to the fullest! I think he should have thought twice before making this move. And this gives me every reason he is the 4th rapper Ian Jazzi was dissing in the “Non Believer” song.

Some of the lyrics are… ” We all gods only Kings get to rule the earth , Knowledge of self is major key , Not a kingmaker.  Keep ignoring me till the volcanoes erupting , Next thing evacuate the whole city, Forewarning quit sleeping on a n*gga, Masterminds in harmony are more beneficial than against one another, My dark thoughts scarier than bad weather, What I’m capable of my ultimate terror , Uh I’m on the edge with nothing to lose, So I suggest you think twice before you bust a move. Oh my!“… Isn’t Jayso the one who usually ends his raps with “Oh My“? Or apparently has a track like that?

Ladies and gentlemen, the whole thing is just getting started. The release of this song means Manifest, Ian Jazzi and maybe EL might drop something very soon… I think Sarkodie is waiting on the next to attack before he strikes again. He still got more lyrics stored in the iCloud I guess… I will be here to get you all details and break those verses down together. Please share your opinions and correct me if I deviated at any point.

Yours Truly, Mr. Aborga (A.K.A. The Beef Master)



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