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Obibini Is An Active Volcano Ready To Erupt

Rap music in Ghana is almost like a football match in which the best players are kept for later in-case of emergency. These cases are rare, but Ghana music seems to abide with that tactics. Obibini has been a victim of those circumstances, but he has been warming up along the touch line waiting to be called in.

There are several factors that conceals our stars in a small dark box. One needs to gain enough popularity or a louder mouth backed by industry players to be applauded… The first time I heard Obibini rap, I had every reason to to bet he will be all over the place in the next few months. Lots of music critics, entertainment pundits, music lovers and some celebrated artists has described Obibini as an incredible talent. I will simply describe him as an MC.

Obibini 2
Obibini in the Studios of Joy FM

His talent is timeless and always refreshing! I have heard many people say it is difficult to exhibit rap elements such as Metaphors, Punchlines etc in Twi rap… But when you listen to Obibini, you will realize that is something he is well fed with and delivers them flawlessly! It is obvious talent has been scrapped off the scoreboard in rating artists. You either become controversial and win awards or crack disarranged jokes and make people dance while singing along…

Those who have listened to Obibini, can testify that, he has a lot to offer Ghanaians; and at this stage, he is like an active volcano waiting for just a touch of heat to erupt. When that time comes, he will become one of Ghana’s most intelligent and talented rappers of all time.

I will blame half of the reasons why most of our great talents are not being celebrated on how Ghanaians appreciate talents… Its a fact we cant deny because when you walk out there and ask people “Why do you like your favourite artist?” They will start saying things like “I like his Swag”, and so on… I think Ghanaians should learn how to appreciate talents rather than looking at appearances and their influential traits… Take a look at one of Obibini‘s video below and watch him dominate the music scene very soon…

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